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Organising your accommodation is an important step as you prepare for the study year.

You should arrange suitable accommodation before arriving in Singapore. This is extremely important as this will give you plenty of time to complete all the other necessary post-arrival formalities. For instance, medical check-up, student pass application & collection, opening of bank accounts, student administration etc. There is quite a bit to do before you start studying.

Our Accommodation Assistance helps students adjust to their new life in a short period of time. The type of accommodation you choose will depend on a whole range of deciding factors, primarily your budget. There is a wide variety of accommodation types in Singapore to suit different budgets and needs. We can help review your accommodation options, or source and make available accommodation, whether you choose to stay in off-campus hostels, or a serviced apartment, private rental or shared accommodation.

Advisory: Move to New Campus

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has awarded JCU Singapore the Aljunied campus site located at 149 Sims Drive, Singapore 387380.

We are currently drawing up plans to refurbish the Aljunied campus and if all goes well, we will move to our new premises by February 2015. We endeavour to keep you posted of the development of our new campus from now till the day we move.

We advise students to make the necessary accommodation arrangements and go for the minimum contract period and maximum till February 2015. It will be easier for you to plan your accommodation after our campus move.

Note that we are not liable for any agreements made between you and the landlord/hostel management/private housing agent. The information provided here is compiled in good faith and is intended as a guide only. We do not profit in any way from these accommodation offerings.




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21 July 2013


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