Dr Geoffrey McNulty
Snr Lecturer, Education and Guidance & Counselling



Doctor of Education (Ed D), University of East Anglia, 2001-2008

Master of Education (Human Relations), University of Nottingham, 1988-1990

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling in Educational Settings, University of Aston in Birmingham, 1982-1983.

Bachelor of Education (Honours), Bristol University, 1973-1977

Diploma in (Psychodynamic) Counselling & Psychotherapy Supervision, Westminster Pastoral Foundation, Kensington, London, 1997-1998


Contact Details

Tel: (+65) 6709 3765
Fax: (+65) 6709 3889
Email: geoffrey.mcnulty@jcu.edu.au


First born in the North East of England, Geoff began his professional career as a Secondary School Teacher of English in Leicestershire and followed this up teaching English as a Foreign Language in Sweden, Cambridge and Bristol. After further experience gained in residential Social Work and then Life Skills teaching to post sixteen year olds within vocational training, Geoff received a bursary to undertake professional Post-Graduate training in Student Counselling within further and higher educational settings.

After successful completion of this training Geoff managed a Voluntary Counselling Service for young people staffed by both paid and voluntary workers. It was during this period that Geoff really began to learn his trade in the Counselling profession through recruiting, training, supporting and supervising adult staff plus external consultancy activities as well as managing the project itself. With colleagues, he also took Counselling training out in to the community through a range of courses for allied professions as well as the first establishment of a formal Counselling Service in the region.

Building on the skills inherent within Counselling practice and in the Counselling relational process generally, Geoff then worked in both an employed and freelance capacity, training vocational trainers in diverse occupations and settings to develop the skills and practices commonly associated with effective teaching and learning.

After completing a Masters degree in Human Relations in Education, Geoff was invited onto the staff at Nottingham University. Lecturing within the Centre For The Study Of Human Relations, Geoff lectured on Graduate and Post Graduate programmes within Education and Business Studies.

Then followed an extensive period where Geoff worked as a Senior Lecturer of Counselling and Guidance within the Department of Educational Studies at a Higher Education College in Aberdeen, Scotland. As well as lecturing at mostly Post Graduate level, he held a remit to build, develop and maintain a cross campus College Counselling Service. He also designed and delivered what was to be the first Post Graduate Counsellor training programme offered in the North of Scotland at that time, for professionals in allied fields of work.

After a further three year period as Head of the Counselling Department at Brunel University in Middlesex, UK Geoff returned to self employment, running his own freelance ‘people development’ Training and Consultancy business within Counselling, Counselling Skills and Human Relations training generally. This has taken him into a diverse range of professional settings crossing commercial, industrial, voluntary, public and private sectors. At the same time he has continued to maintain professional standing and Accreditation as a Senior Practitioner within Counselling & Psychotherapy and therapeutic Supervision.

In the autumn of 2013 Geoff accepted a post at James Cook University Singapore as Senior Lecturer in Education, Guidance & Counselling. He took up the post late January 2014 and thus opened another chapter of life and work!


Research Interests

Geoff’s research interests are qualitative which he sees as being consistent with core values, skills and processes within the disciplines of Counselling, Psychotherapy and therapeutic Supervision. These activities take place and strive to ‘make sense’ within a complex and subjective relational framework. Through research methodology, Geoff wants to demonstrate (what is always) the intrinsic tensions involved in trying to make objective sense of subjective data in order to help others or promote intellectual insight. He feels he can best do this if methods take account of context, culture, personal history, personality, relationship – in fact, the preservation and valuing of all things that make up what it is to be human and represent the diversity of lived experience, represented in research forms.

So of particular interest to Geoff are heuristic and auto-ethnographic forms of research. Those approaches that value and ‘give voice’ to personal experience as a primary source of evidence whilst at the same time assisting organisation and structured presentation of such experiences to resonate meaningfully with a wider public at large. Such is the dynamic engagement with the subjective to objective conundrum, ever striving towards a shared consensus of understanding and validity.


Geoff has written and delivered numerous learning, teaching and training interactive packs and/or resource materials within the subject themes of Counselling and Human Relationship Skills. These have been used extensively at graduate and post-graduate levels within academic settings within the disciplines of Education and Teacher Training, as well as Social Work/Community Work Training and Business Studies ‘people development’ training. Outside academia, Geoff has adapted and/or written a diversity of learning materials within commercial, voluntary, public and private sector settings, designed and delivered to assist professional empowerment through effective ‘people skills’ at the individual and group/team level.

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