Dr Adrian T H Kuah
Senior Lecturer, Business


ITP (SDA Bocconi)
PhD (Manchester Business School)
MBA (Strathclyde Business School)
BEng (Nanyang Tech University)

Fellow (Chartered Mgmt Institute)
Fellow (College of Preceptors)
Fellow (Higher Education Academy)

Research Portfolio
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Contact Details

Email adrian.kuah@jcu.edu.au


Dr. Kuah completed his doctoral training at the Manchester Business School (UK) and faculty development at Harvard Business School (US) and SDA Bocconi (Italy). He was the MBA Director at Nottingham Business School, UG Director at Bradford University School of Management and external examiner for Hull University Business School in the UK for more than 12 years before joining JCU Singapore. He has presented lectures at leading business schools globally over the last decade, including, at Harvard, Manchester, Bradford, Fudan, Grenoble, NUS and TiasNIMBAS.

An internationally recognized expert receiving accolade for his principle of globality and proximity (Jo. of Travel Res, 2008), Dr. Kuah was named by the UK Financial Times as Professor of the Week in 2013. His work received further recognition and was included into Oxford Scholarship in 2014.

To-date, he has secured research grants in excess of half a million dollars and published more than 40 research papers, with some of his work appearing in the Oxford University Press, European Business Review, R&D Management, Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies and the Singapore Management Review. As a leading scholar, he serves in the award panel of the ITC Committee at the US Academy of Management, and subject matter expert at the UK Chartered Management Institute. He is elected Fellows at the College of Preceptors, Higher Education Academy and the Advanced Institute of Management.

Dr. Kuah also has a strong corporate background and had previously worked in AT&T, Silicon Systems, the military and the public sector. His ability to triangulate academia, policy and practice strongly supports his work. Other than coordinating postgraduate and undergraduate business courses at JCU, he delivers training for companies like Provident Financials, Cargill and ASDA-Walmart on organizational development issues and strategies. He also consults with senior government officials on national competitiveness and innovation issues, where his work has impacted some 1.3 million people.

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