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Code of Conduct of Recruitment Agent

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Our Approach to Working with Agents

Our prime expectation is that our agents are ethical, honest and perform consistently. Additionally our preference is to work with a small number of high performing agents who consistently meet our expectations, who we can trust and who trust us. More specifically:

We expect that agents will be able to meet their student targets.
We believe it is important to negotiate an annual partnership agreement with each agent. This agreement details the student target for the year and the proposed marketing plan to attract these students, the commission rates to be paid and the level of support and other incentives which the university will provide to support the marketing plan. We anticipate that agents and regional managers will regularly review performance against student targets and identify remediation measures where targets are not being achieved.

We expect our agents to have a student focus and level of service excellence.
Our campus is focused on the needs of students and strives to meet these needs. Our agents are the first contact that prospective students will have with our university and they are therefore expected to share this approach and reflect it in all their dealings.

We expect our agents will be ethical, reliable and trustworthy.
Agents are expected to market our services and products in an ethical and honest way. This includes checking any documentation sent, especially that provided by prospective students, and ensure its accuracy prior to forwarding it to the university.

We expect that agents will give us priority over other universities which they might represent.
We understand that agents often represent a number of education institutions across the world and that they have a responsibility to market on behalf of all these institutions. However, where students’ educational aspirations are able to be met by our university, we expect that you actively promote our university as their best option.

We expect our agents will have a good working knowledge of the university.
In order to actively market our university, agents need an in depth knowledge of our services and products and to be able to accurately represent these to students. The university has in place a comprehensive education program, including a visit to the campus, to assist agents to gain this knowledge.

We expect our agents to have good administrative processes.
Good administrative process is a prerequisite to a quality performance. JCU Singapore has in place a range of administrative expectations of its agents, particularly in relation to deadlines. Additionally, documentation sent should be accurate, reflect good business practice and be on time. It is important that agents understand and meet these expectations.

We expect that our agents will act as an initial filter.
We know that many students will apply to multiple universities. This subjects us all to unnecessary and unproductive work. We expect that agents act as an initial filter and seek to send only those applications which are from serious students.