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Dispute Resolution Policy

JCU Singapore is committed to having an effective system of complaint management that responds to complaints in a positive way and contributes to the continuous improvement of the teaching and learning environment.

JCU Singapore shall have a close-loop complaint management system to gather and address all complaints received from students.

All complaints within the control of JCU Singapore shall be resolved within 21 working days. This Policy and related materials and forms will be promoted to and readily accessible by staff and students, through the JCU Singapore website.

Students are encouraged to resolve their complaint informally in the first instance. Should a student deem that informal resolution is not possible, appropriate or satisfactory; the student may submit a formal complaint.

A complainant can appeal the outcome of a formal complaint, or of a determination under another Policy that does not have an appeal process, with regard to the procedural fairness of the complaint resolution process.

A complainant may at any time withdraw their complaint, by notice in writing to the Associate Director, Student Services. If a complaint is withdrawn, any processes arising out of the complaint may, at the discretion of the Director, International and Marketing or the Campus Dean, depending on the nature of the complaint, be either continued or discontinued.

The complaint resolution process will be conducted in accordance with the principles of natural justice.

JCU Singapore shall participate in any dispute resolution schemes as prescribed by the legislation of Singapore and Australia.

Details on the procedures are available in the Student Handbook which can be accessed by clicking here.