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Pre-Course Counselling Framework

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Prior to admission students are provided with the background information of JCU Singapore, James Cook University such as the Strategic Intent, Values and Beliefs, admission procedures, location, and facilities.  Other information such as student support services is also provided.  All of this information is in the student handbook which is provided to prospective students.

Appropriate guidance is provided to prospective students on the suitability of the courses available as part of course counselling.  Course and subject information are provided to prospective students and are in the course brochure and module synopses which are given to prospective students.  Information is also provided such as entry requirements, English language proficiency requirement (if applicable), subject information, necessary costs including tuition fees, career prospects and further education opportunities.  This information is also in the course brochures and module synopses.  The session will end with a tour around the campus if the student is in Singapore.

After the students have submitted an application and an assessment has been concluded, successful students will receive a letter of offer and student contract for their course of study. Sometimes students might be advised that they need to take up a pathway program before being considered for their degree program.  Prior to the signing of the student contract students will be advised of information including FPS payment amount, student contract clauses, refund policy, transfer and withdrawal, student support services, course admission requirements and any exemptions if applicable, list of course modules, course duration and assessment schedule, and criteria for academic progression.  For international students, additional information is provided including relevant Singapore legislation particularly those relating to ICA and Ministry of Manpower, student pass application requirements and procedures, medical insurance, accommodation and cost of living.  All of this information is in the letter of offer, student contract and student handbook which are provided to students.  Students are also required to sign the Student Handbook Induction Declaration Form to acknowledge receiving the handbook and being counselled in each area covered by the handbook.  Reference to the CPE official website is provided in the handbook.

Students are also required to sign the Advisory Note. Students who are less than 18 years of age would also need to have their parents or guardian sign the student contract and advisory note. All fees that are required are also detailed to the students in the student contract.