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Dr. Sven Dahms

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Dr. Sven Dahms

Lecturer, Business


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Manchester Metropolitan University, 2009 – 2012;
  • Master of Research in Business & Management, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2008 - 2009;
  • Master of Science in Finance & Business, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2007 – 2008;
  • Diploma Volkswirt (Economics) at the FernUniversitaet in Hagen (Germany), 2005 - 2008

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Dr Sven Dahms has been working in Germany, UK, China, UAE, and Taiwan before joining JCU in Singapore. He received a PhD scholarship from Manchester Metropolitan University. Prior to joining academia, he also worked in the hospitality industry and served in the German Armed Forces for four years. Sven has published in various management and international business journals.

Research Interests

Current research is focussed on

  • Foreign-owned subsidiary development
  • Strategies of multinational family business groups
  • Knowledge management and innovation
  • Emerging markets and their institutional development