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Ms. Gandhimathi Sundrum

Ms. Gandhimathi Sundrum

Ms. Gandhimathi Sundrum

Head of Department Foundation & Diploma Programs


  • Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore, 1975-1978
  • Diploma in Education, Institute of Education, Singapore, 1978-1979


Ms Gandhi has been actively working in the education field for more than 40 years. In conjunction with teaching and holding senior positions in both the government and private institutions in Singapore, she had been employed as a lecturer in International Schools in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Prior to Ms Gandhi's appointment as a Business lecturer at JCU Singapore, she held the position as Head of the Academic and English Departments at Informatics.

Ms Gandhi has also extensive experience working with external academic bodies including the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and the University of Wales. These appointments have further broadened and deepened her skills and competencies in learning, teaching, assessment and curriculum development.

Ms Gandhi brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and understands in teaching out the Foundation Program in JCU Singapore. She is a strong advocate of education and is fully committed to helping students benefit from and enjoy their undergraduate study experience at JCU Singapore. Ms Gandhi's work with the students empowers them, developing their skills, knowledge and capabilities as they pursue tertiary studies. Ms Gandhi is influential with students both during their Foundation Program and upon exiting the program as evidenced by the high retention rate of the students in higher education tertiary studies.

Keeping in line with JCU’s policy of continual review of entry requirements the JCU Pre University Foundation Program Extended was launched in 2019.

Research Interests

Have been pursuing an administrative and teaching pathway.