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Mr. Karls Tan Kok Keong

Mr. Karls Tan Kok Keong

Mr. Karls Tan Kok Keong

Digital Content Designer


  • Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology, National Institute of Education, 2019 – 2021;
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Gaming and Animation, Oxford Brookes University, 2013 – 2016


Karls aspires to help people learn efficiently through bite-sized information and motivation. He believes in constructing learning through experience for different learning needs. Thus, he prepares online learning environment, develops courseware, and creates short educational videos to facilitate real learning.

In his free time, he enjoys jogging and reading books on self-improvement. He thrives on consistently setting small goals to live positively and responsibly.

Karls is passionate about learning, and has strong convictions about transparency and trust. He firmly believes in establishing positive rapport and building professional relationships with people whom he encounters both in and outside of work.