Mr. Patrick Logan

Mr. Patrick Logan

Mr. Patrick Logan

Teacher English Language Preparatory Program


  • TEFL Training US Peace Corps, 1984
  • “Fifth Year” Degree in English Teaching, University of New Hampshire, USA, 1982 – 1983
  • Bachelor of Arts (Literature), University of New Hampshire, USA, 1976 - 1980


Patrick Logan has been an educator since 1982, and has more than twenty years of teaching experience in Asia. Initially trained in literature, he began his career at a US high school. He then moved on to Thailand and Japan, where he taught for a number of years in a variety of educational settings. In Singapore, Patrick was head of the language department at an international college, where he was responsible for scheduling and curriculum development. He also taught writing, grammar and debate to classes of multinational students at the advanced level.

With his wide ranging experience, Patrick has a clear understanding of how to create a supportive learning environment in multicultural classrooms. He enjoys challenging students to express themselves through writing and discussion as they prepare for higher education.

He also has an interest in development issues and has worked with Save the Children (Japan) to establish and fund scholarships in rural Thailand.

Research Interests

How mythos (the values and attitudes that a particular group uses to identify itself) influences perception within the multicultural classroom.


Articles published in several US newspapers including The New York Times and The Washington Post.