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Canny Digital Pte Ltd

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Canny Digital Pte Ltd

Canny is a social media agency that helps SMEs generate sales through social media marketing. Canny was born to create effective, sales-driven social media campaigns that generate leads for SMEs for the long term. Most social media agencies in Singapore are more creative than sales-driven. As an SME, we understand the need to be practical in marketing. All marketing campaigns should lead to sales and leads. Nothing less than that.

Our claim to fame is that we have the most documented case studies of positive ROI campaigns that we ran for our clients, amongst all the social media agencies in Singapore. That is why established brands trust us to work with them: NTU, LOreal, MBS, Only Aesthetics to name a few.

Website: http://www.canny.com.sg

Industry: IT/Social Media/Online Services

Contact Person: Xavier Tan Yan Zhao

Contact Email: xavier@canny.com.sg

Country: Singapore

Information last updated: 31 Aug 2017
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