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JCU Alumni Newsletter - May 2014
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Here's a quick summary of our latest happenings.

Congratulations to our graduates. The latest alumni graduated at the graduation ceremony on 26 April 2014 at the Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore. Graduates were joined by families and friends at the joyous occasion which will see our graduates making a difference in all that they do.

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James Cook University Captain of industry Luncheon Series

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan (left) with Dr Dale Anderson, DVC of JCU Singapore

We were honoured by the presence of Dr Vivian Balakrishnan (Minister for the Environment and Water Resources), Singapore and industry leaders at the luncheon to discuss on the topic of Global Environmental impacts on business: Challenges and Strategies.

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The Zero Cost Startup - Talk organised by Entrepreneurship Club

Speaker Mr Benjamin Lee, co-founder and Managing Director of Howling Wolf Ventures gave a great presentation on how you can start your business with zero cost; sharing a framework of how you can; what you can do to kick start your business idea - reminding us that it's all about the execution.

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Sustainability@JCU Singapore Launch

A series of events were held leading to the launch of our sustainability initiative, 'Sustainability@JCU Singapore'. One of the highlights of the initiative was a competition where students pit their brains to devise innovative ways for sustainability.

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Public Lecture Series 2014

This public lecture focuses on the effects of growing up in a highly modern, digitized society such as Singapore, and is aimed at both a lay audience and those with more understanding of the area alike.

This lecture provides an overview of findings in this area, while also presenting new research conducted in Singapore exploring technology use and the speed at which we process information.

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Accreditation of ELPP

Our ELPP program received the NEAS accreditation recently. Staff gathered at our AMK campus for the celebration.
NEAS endorses English language centres in universities, colleges and high schools. Endorsed centres are granted the NEAS quality mark, internationally recognized and valued by students, teachers, agents and governments


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