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Changing Lives

Changing Lives

Aspiring to become a Counsellor? Seeking to develop more skills or further your career in the Education industry?

Master of Guidance and Counselling

Duration: 28 months part-time

Counselling remains a growth occupation. The course is designed for those who wish to pursue professional careers in Counselling as well as those who would like to develop highly effective interpersonal skills at work generally. The course intake is likely to be diverse and students may represent a range of working backgrounds and disciplines, with a shared goal of refining their skills of communication and applying such insights gained within their own role and work settings.

This course is accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) in Australia and in Singapore by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), giving graduates the ability to pursue careers in both countries as well as internationally. Learn more about the program.

Master of Education

Duration: 24 months part-time

Global Contexts Major

Studying the Global Contexts major enhances your expertise in transnational education, international employment relationships, and global practices.

Students majoring in Global Contexts will:

  • Examine the phenomenon of ‘development’ in Asia- Pacific contexts through an anthropological lens; 
  • Acquire the ability to assess the social and cultural impacts of globalisation and transnationalism, natural resource development and the introduction of new technologies; 
  • Understand the international, national, and relevant state frameworks, statements, policies, curriculum initiatives and resources regarding education for sustainability; and 
  • Evaluate educational curriculum and teaching practices in relevant professional settings.

Learn more about this program.

Leadership and Management Major

The Leadership and Management major will advance graduates professionally through a range of learning and research outcomes. Such skills are readily transferable across a diverse range of leadership and management settings. Students in this major will:

  • Acquire knowledge of concepts, theories and models which underpin current successful educational leadership and management practices in schools and school systems;
  • Critically analyse issues and literature concerning school improvement, effectiveness, review and evaluation;
  • Develop strategies to analyse and reflect upon human relations issues in contemporary work environments;
  • Integrate interpersonal skills to develop a clearer understanding of relevant issues;
  • Employ critical analysis of key work issues in the new economy such as global integration, workplace diversity, and the impact of technology; and
  • Explore and appreciate the impact of these issues on your own individual career management strategies.

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