Transfer Policy

Students who wish to transfer their course will need to have studied for at least one study period.

For students intending to transfer their course, they must not be enrolled in subjects for their current course for the same study period.

All applications should be lodged as soon as possible or at least six weeks prior to the start of the study period.

When the transfer of course application is unsuccessful, the student will remain enrolled in the current course. If the student does not wish to continue with the current course, the student will need to formally withdraw from enrolled subjects and from the course. When the transfer of course application is approved, the student will be required to sign a new contract for the new course and apply for a transfer of course with Immigration Checkpoint Authority for a change in Student Visa.

Student must meet the entry requirement of the new course.

The transfer application will be processed within 14 working days.

Details on the procedures are available in the Student Handbook which can be accessed by clicking here.