Counselling and Progressions

Counselling and Progressions

At James Cook University Singapore, the counselling and progressions office is committed to promoting and supporting student’s mental wellbeing.

We offer confidential individual counselling services and organise workshops covering topics commonly faced by students.

Free, confidential counselling services are provided to all enrolled students, providing a safe and supportive environment for students to share any difficulties and challenges you may be facing.

Some of the benefits gained from counselling include:

  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Enhanced expression and regulation of emotions
  • Increased confidence and decision-making skills
  • Greater ability to manage stress effectively

Counselling Appointments are available through face-to-face or zoom platform by securing an appointment. During the session, you can openly discuss concerns and challenges that could interfere with your studies and personal adjustment. Counselling can help you build strengths, improve wellbeing and achieve academic success.


The Counselling and Progressions Office is at Block D, Room D1-14, near the New Student Hub and Canteen of our Campus.


Office Hours are from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (closed from 12pm to 1pm). The office is closed during Public and University holidays.

Counselling sessions are held via zoom or face-to-face (subject to Covid-19 Restrictions and Advisory) are available from Monday through Friday with hourly appointments from 9am to 5pm only. Kindly please book your preferred counselling session at least 3 days in advanced to allow the team to get back to you with the available slots and confirm the appointment via email.

To book a counselling appointment, please scan the QR code or click the link provided.

Wellness Workshops Registration Form QR Code

JCU Counselling and Progressions Office Appointment Booking

Please note that the counselling office does not offer emergency or crisis intervention services. Students in need of such services are advised to go to the nearest A&E, call 995 for emergency services, SOS at 1-767, or the IMH 24-hour hotline at 63892000.

Regular wellness workshops are conducted to allow students to learn more about issues commonly faced by students and useful strategies.

These workshops are collaborative, informative presentations dedicated on a selection of mental health and wellness related themes. Some of the topics include emotion regulation, academic stress and relaxation techniques.

All workshops are usually 60 minutes in length and all students can join by prior registration.

For this period please kindly refer to the below scheduled workshops:


What is it about?

Week 2
19 Nov 2021, 5pm

"Relationships 101: Building Strong and Healthy Relationships"

  • Illustrate the main ideas in building friendships and relationships
  • Sharing of love languages developed by Dr. Gary Chapman and how each love language perceives love
  • Sharing of practical strategies to lasting and strong relationships

Week 4
3 Dec 2021, 5pm

“What Am I Feeling: Understanding Your Emotions"

  • Understanding of your own emotions and responses
  • Exploring ways to advance personal emotional intelligence
  • Developing competencies to better regulate your emotions under challenging conditions

Week 7
30 Dec 2021, 5pm

“When School Weighs You Down: Managing Academic Stress"

  • To provide an understanding of the causes of stress
  • Learning the impact of stress in various aspects our lives (psychological, physical, mental)
  • Recognising the different types of stress
  • Identifying own tolerance for stress
  • Sharing of practical tips on managing stress

Week 9
14 Jan 2022, 5pm

“Finding your Inner Peace: Managing Anxiety"

  • Deconstructing anxiety through identifying the symptoms
  • Learning ways to manage anxiety through changing behaviour or cognitive reframing
To register for the Workshops, please scan the QR code or click the link provided.

Wellness Workshops Registration Form QR CodeWellness Workshops - JCU Singapore Counselling and Progressions Office SP53 2021

Workshop topics include but are not limited to:

  • Self-Care
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Resilience
  • Motivation
  • Building Confidence

Wellness workshops are also available by request through the JCU Singapore Counselling and Wellbeing Office. You can also request a workshop for a specific group regarding a specific topic by dropping us an email at We can meet with you and your group to discuss further.

The following resources are provided as a reference. While we aim to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the list provided below:

Contact numberOperating hours
Samaritans of Singapore 1 767 24h
Institute of Mental Health 6389 2222 24h
SAF Counselling Centre 1800 278 0022 24h
Youth Crisis Hotline 6252 6300 Mon to Sat
3pm – 10pm
Singapore Association for Mental Health 1800 283 7019 Mon to Fri except public holidays
9am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm
Silver Ribbon 6386 1928 Mon to Fri except public holidays
12pm – 8pm
ADAM Association
(For men in crisis)
1800 626 2626 Mon to Fri
12pm – 8pm
Bullying (Cyber/Mental)  
Help123 Cyber Wellness Community Support 1800 612 3123 Mon to Fri except public holidays
2pm –10pm
All Addictions Helpline 6 732 6837 Mon to Sun (including Public Holidays),
8am – 11pm
National Problem Gambling Helpline 1800 6 668 668 Mon to Sun (including Public Holidays),
8am – 11pm
Association of Women for Action & Research (AWARE) 1800 777 5555 Mon to Fri
10am – 6pm
Pregnancy Crisis Service 6339 9770  
AIDS Information & Counselling Hotline (by Action for AIDS) 6254 0212 Mon to Fri
10am – 5.30pm