Other Services

Other Services

Learning Technologies

We provide advice on the use of learning technologies in JCU Singapore to improve students' learning experience.

  • LearnJCU Guides are located here
  • Respondus online exam guides are located here
  • Digital readiness guides are located here
  • Contact ithelpdesk@jcu.edu.au forLearnJCU issues and enquiries or visit this link

Post-Entry Language Assessment (PELA)

PELA is designed to assess the entry level academic writing skills of students enrolled in Business Communication (BU1105/1805) and Communication Across Cultures (FS0101).

  • PELA is a diagnostic tool which aims to gauge Business students’ academic writing competence as they commence their studies at James Cook University Singapore.
  • Learning Centre will facilitate academic writing workshops with students who scored Band 3 (At-risk) in the PELA to improve their academic writing skills and be successful in their subjects.

Academic Progression

The Admissions, Academic Services and Progression (AASP) department refers students who are repeating or failing a subject to the Learning Centre. Students are advised to attend the Learning Skills Program (LSP) facilitated by the Learning Centre to:

  • learn about APA referencing, academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism; and
  • develop academic writing skills and statistical analysis skills to help them achieve success in their subjects.