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Sat, 22 Aug 2015

RetroInspired Showcase

When: 22 August 2015, 9:30am
Location: Sims Drive Campus

There are 3 activities which you can join us for on this "jam-packed" RetroInspired Showcase.

1. Grand Finale Day (Game Jam Showcases)

Check out the games the teams have developed at the Games Jam and vote for your favourite. Maybe, even get inspired to start your own!

2. Movie: "From Bedrooms to Billions"

(courtesy of Gracious Films, first screening in Asia)

Developments in computer technology in the UK of the late 70’s early 80’s helped inspire a generation of small team enthusiasts, hobbyists, school kids, bedroom coders and entrepreneurs to make and release some truly classic games. "From Bedrooms to Billions" reveals some of the remarkable stories, struggles and successes that saw the UK video games industry go from quite literally nothing into a major force littered with original thinkers, innovators and eccentric characters.

3. Public Lecture: Radical Innovations That Will Change the World

Mr. Michael Tomczyk (home computer pioneer, Villanova University-USA)

The next wave of innovations are already bringing radical changes to industries, markets, and our daily lives. Already we can glimpse the future: skies filled with aerial drones, robots that read our emotions, driverless vehicles on streets and highways, computers that simulate human intelligence, and smarter-than-ever devices. In the near future our lives will be saved by gene therapy, new antiviral drugs, nanoparticles that deliver magic bullets directly to tumors, and human organs grown from our own stem cells. 

“Today, anyone can be an innovator or an innovation champion,” he says. “Some of the most exciting developments are coming from teams of students working with faculty researchers on college campuses.” In this presentation, Michael Tomczyk shares his vision of the future including a preview of insights from his next book-in-progress which describes new wave of disruptive innovations that are already changing the world. He also discusses best practices and strategies that are reshaping the future of technological innovation. “Innovators today are benefiting from incentives and prizes that make it worthwhile to do something new, as well as from unprecedented connectivity that gives everyone access to the information and tools needed to collaborate, test, commercialize and market what they develop.”

About the speaker

Mr. Michael Tomczyk is an innovation champion, technology pioneer, and an authority on radical innovation and emerging technologies. His new book - "NanoInnovation: What Every Manager Needs to Know" (Wiley, December 2014) - is the most authoritative book written to-date on nanotech innovations. He is currently "Innovator in Residence" at Villanova University's ICE Center (Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship) and, before that, he spent nearly 20 years at the Wharton School, most recently as Managing Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management.

He is a popular and entertaining speaker at industry events and, as a technology pioneer, Michael is best known for his role in the development and launch of the first home computer (Commodore VIC-20) - described in his best-selling memoir, "The Home Computer Wars" (Compute Books, 1984). He has been called the marketing father of the home computer and he is regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on the history of home computing.