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Public Lecture Series 2017

Events   Public Lecture Series 2017

When and where

Date & Time: Thursday 23rd March 2017 | 7:00pm (registration from 6.30pm)
Location: Singapore campus (149 Sims Drive 387380)

Speakers: Dr Neil Hutchinson (James Cook University) and Guest Speaker Ms Kathy Xu (Founder, The Dorsal Effect)


Sharks in Singapore by Dr Neil Hutchinson

Many sharks are threatened globally due to human impacts including unsustainable fishing practices and habitat loss.  While they are regularly spotted around Singapore, we understand little about our resident shark populations.  Neil will talk about what is currently known about some species, and then go on to describe a range of techniques that will be used to examine local shark populations in the near future.

Ecotourism for shark conservation in Lombok by Ms Kathy Xu

Triggered by an intense experience while swimming alongside a whale shark in Exmouth, Australia, back in 2011, Kathy decided she wanted to do something so that future generations could still see sharks alive rather than extinct and confined to just picture books. After learning about the shark fishing and finning situation and the demand for shark fin soup, Kathy started volunteering on the education arm of Shark Savers Singapore (and still is!) It wasn’t long before she decided that more should be done on the supply side other than the demand side for shark fin soup as well, and soon found herself in Lombok talking to shark fishermen.