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[Lecture] Jeff Minter’s Accidental 38 Years in Videogames

Events   [Lecture] Jeff Minter’s Accidental 38 Years in Videogames

When and where

Date & Time: Sunday 12th November 2017 | 1:30pm - 2:30pm (registration from 1pm)
Location: Singapore campus (149 Sims Drive 387380)

Title: Public Lecture Series 2017: Jeff Minter’s Accidental 38 Years in Videogames


In this talk iconic game designer, Mr Jeff Minter, will discuss his 38 years in gaming, starting before there was any actual industry. Attendees will gain unique insights from the very first independent game developer and get a unique perspective on this captivating business.

Speaker’s Profile

We are pleased to have Mr Jeff Minter, founder of software house Llamasoft and an independent English video game designer and programmer, to join us this year.
Mr Jeff Minter, also known by his pseudonym, Yak, founded Llamasoft in 1982 which quickly established a reputation for producing games rich in originality, adrenaline-pumping action, quirky humour and digital ungulates. Over the years Llamasoft has released over 30 games on nearly 20 platforms, garnering plenty of awards along the way as well as a loyal community of fans - The Llamasofties.

More information about his profile can be seen here.

The public lecture is part of the 3rd Retro Inspired 2017 event. Check out how you can be part of this event here.

*Photos will be taken during the event for news and various publicity purposes