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Wed, 19 Oct 2016

[Colloquium] Learning through Collaborative Video Storytelling

When: 19 October 2016, 7pm
Location: C1-04, Sims Drive Campus

Learning through Collaborative Video Storytelling: Inspiring Creativity, Co-Creation and Global Collaboration
by Professor Jari Multisilta (Tampere University of Technology)


Digital storytelling is a defining feature in 21st century education and involves sharing information through multimedia. This talk presents outcomes on two digital storytelling experiments from Finland, Greece and California. The students used the EdVisto (MoViE), developed for the experiment, for creating and sharing collaboratively produced video stories. The results show that students can become highly engaged through digital storytelling. The research data indicates that engagement in digital video storytelling is a combination of fun and commitment to hard work. In addition, the learners positive experience of the usefulness of the digital storytelling platform affected positively to engagement and learning outcomes.

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