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Mon, 16 Oct 2023

Postgraduate Passages: Consolidation, Connection and Change

When: 16 October 2023, 9am to 17 October 2023, 6pm
Location:Taylor’s University, Subang Jaya, Malaysia


The 3rd Joint Higher Degree by Research Conference is hosted in 2023 by Taylor’s University (TU) in partnership with James Cook University, Singapore (JCUS).

As we continue to explore the changing landscapes of postgraduate research, this year we look forward to consolidating the networking connections formed during previous years. We also continue to build on those connections through research sharing between, within and across disciplines to extend connectivity.

This year will include cash prizes for Best Abstract ($200SGD) & Best Presenter ($300) for the top 2 presenters, a sponsored goodie bag for all attendees (audience & presenters), AND a travel grant of up to $250SGD available to JCUS presenters & attendees!

Eligibility for Submission of Abstracts

The conference committee invites all postgraduate higher degree by research candidates from JCUS, Sunway University and TU to submit research abstracts for presentations and discussions during the 3rd Joint Higher Degree by Research Conference.

We encourage submissions regardless of your current stage of progress; even those at the beginning can present proposals or literature reviews. Criteria will be determined by the committee and announced via this conference site.

Key Dates

  • Call for abstracts opening date: 3 April 2023
  • Last date for Submission of Abstract: 1 September 2023 (contact detail [email protected])
  • Notification of acceptance: 8 September 2023
  • Registration opens for presenters and other attendees: 1 September 2023
  • Registration closes: 30 September
  • Conference: Dates 16-17 October 2023

Any abstract submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Abstracts should be written in the following format:

Abstract format

  1. Font: Times New Roman, double spacing, size 12
  2. Word limit: 200-300 words
  3. 2 to 5 keywords
  4. Please include the name and affiliation of the primary author and supervisors or other co-authors.
  5. Indicate the country in which you are currently based
  6. Indicate the primary discipline of your research
  7. Indicate your stage of progress (i.e., year 1/beginning, year 2/middle, year 3-4/end)

The primary author will be notified of the review committee’s selection. Additional instructions for the conference will be provided then.

Presentation General Guidelines

  • 10-15 minutes for presentation
  • 5-10 minutes for Q&A (Discussion)
  • PowerPoint slides highly encouraged

Nicholas Seet Wei Kiat, James Cook University, Singapore
Sze-ee Lee, Taylor's University, Malaysia

Organizing Committee Members
Chan Lymn Wei, James Cook University, Singapore
Guo Yueyun(Cassie), Taylor's University, Malaysia
Josiah Poon, James Cook University, Singapore
Lok Mei Liang, Taylor’s University, Malaysia
Zhan Juan (Leona), Taylor's University, Malaysia
Shaoyuan Chen, James Cook University, Singapore
Jeffrey Ling, James Cook University, Singapore

Committee Advisors
Ms Hafsa Imtiaz, Taylor's University, Malaysia
Mr Rupesh Selvaraj Arunasalam, James Cook University, Singapore

Committee Mentors
Associate Professor Denise Dillon, James Cook University, Singapore
Associate Professor Keith Kay Hin Tan, Taylor's University, Malaysia


Instruction for registration:

We are excited to invite you to register for the upcoming Joint Higher Degrees by Research Conference (JHDRC) jointly organised by James Cook University (Singapore) and Taylor's University (Malaysia) on 16 and 17 October 2023. This physical conference will be hosted at the Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

Registration Fee of RM50 includes:

  1. Lunch & Tea provided
  2. Goodie bag (Lots of freebies!)
  3. AR/VR Tour
  4. Networking Session
  5. Chance to win up to $500SGD cash prizes!
  6. Travel Grant available up to $250SGD! (Presenters from JCUS only)

To complete your registration, please follow the two-step process outlined below:

Step 1: Make payment via Bank Transfer or Telegraphic Transfer

To secure your spot at the Conference, kindly make the registration payment via Bank Transfer or Telegraphic Transfer to the following bank account. Once your payment is successfully processed, please download or screenshot the payment receipt as proof of payment.

Step 2: Register via Google Forms

After making the payment, please proceed to complete the registration using the following link. :

We will keep your information confidential and will only use it to contact you regarding the Conference. If you would like to know more about the Conference, please contact us at: [email protected]

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to meet you in person this October!


Our conference booklet can be accessed here.

16 October 2023 - MONDAY



0900 - 0915

Arrival & Registration

0915 - 0930 Introduction and Housekeeping
Venue : MAS 2 Studio, Level LG, Block D/E, Taylor's University
Emcee - Mr Bruce Lee Xia Sheng

0930 - 1020

Keynote Speech: Research in the Era of AI
by Associate Professor Keith Tan Kay Hin

Session chair : Zhan Juan (Leona) - MAS 3 Studio

1020 - 1040

Exploring Muslim Iranian women’s motivations, constraints, and negotiation strategies for solo travelling
Afsaneh Rostami (Year 2)

1040 -1100 Dynamics of Museum Visitors’ Experiences Studies: A Bibliometric Analysis
Tesfaye Fentaw Nigatu (Year 1)
1100 - 1120 Graffiti writers in Fujian Province: Graffiti Subcultural Behaviour
Zhang Jimin (Year 2)
1120 - 1140 L2 anxiety in Singapore: An assigned official “Mother-tongue language”
Nicholas Seet Wei Kiat (Year 1)
1140 - 1200 The role of motivations among Malaysians to select vegetarian restaurant:
An empirical investigation using integration of Theory of Planned Behavior and Norm Activation Model
Khor Ching Yuet (Year 4)

1200 - 1300

Lunch Break (1 hr )
MAS 2 studio


Session chair : Sze-ee Lee - MAS 3 Studio

1300 - 1320 Impact of Social Media Influencers on Viewers’ Inspiration and Engagement Behaviors Towards Tourism Destinations
Khalil Hussain (Year 1)
1320 - 1340 Research on brand image design based on Chinese Grotesque Art
Wang Xin (Year 1)
1340 - 1400 An Inquiry into Values Education in Singapore Preschools: Knowledge, Perceptions and Current Practices
Lin Yingxuan (Celina) (Year 1)
1400 - 1420 Spatial practice in migrant workers’ accommodations – a theoretical framework
Liang Lok Mei (Year 2)
1420 - 1440 Capturing the Linguistic Journey: Chinese Students' Pursuit of English in Singapore's Transnational Higher Education
Pamela Arumynathan (Year 1)
1440 - 1500 Antifungal Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles against The Biofilms of Candida Glabrata
Felicia Luvena Albert (Year 1)

1500 - 1540

Tea Break (40 mins)
MAS 2 studio


Session chair : Josiah Poon - MAS 3 Studio

1540 - 1600 A study on the impact of visual aesthetics of China Chic Visual Design from an experiential design perspective
Lu Meijun (Year 3)
1600 - 1620 Scale Drop Disease Virus Super Dodgers
Jeffrey Ling (Year 2)
1620 - 1640 Exploring Supply Chain Dynamics of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) Projects in Malaysia
Leong Boon Tik (Year 2)
1640 - 1700 Investigating Millennial Visitor Experiences and their Engagement with Heritage Interpretation Practices
at the National Museum of Ethiopia (NME): A Qualitative Case Study
Tesfaye Fentaw Nigatu (Year 1)

1700 - 1710

Q & A + Wrapup

17 October 2023 - Tuesday



0900 - 1100

Networking Session / Potential Collaboration
Venue : MAS 2 Studio, Level LG, Block E, Taylor's University
Facilitated by Zhan Juan (Leona) & Sze-ee Lee

1100 - 1120

Presentation of Awards
Presented by Dr Siti Norzaini Zainal Abidin & Dr Chai Chang Sa'ar

1120 - 1130 Closing Speech
by Dr Denise Dillon

1130 - 1230

Campus tour + Vortex lab
by Mr Bruce Lee Xia Sheng / Dr Charles




Keynote 1 (9:30 to 10:30am)

Keynote Title & Description: Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Recent, ground-breaking advances in artificial intelligence promise to change the world we live in. These changes can be positive, neutral or negative, depending on the perspectives of different stakeholders. If the aim of research is to uncover new knowledge, how will that process change in the era of artificial intelligence? The keynote session will reflect on the future of academic research in the era of AI.

Speaker profile

Associate Professor Dr Keith Tan Kay Hin
Programme Director (Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture),
Hub Leader (Conservation), Liveable Urban Communities Impact Lab,
School of Architecture, Building and Design, Taylor’s University, Malaysia

Dr Keith Tan has over twenty-five years of experience in the construction industry and academia, with a career spanning the UK and Malaysia. Prior to choosing an academic career path, he worked as a project architect on large commercial buildings in London, where he also completed his Part III exams to become a registered architect with the Architects’ Registration Board of the United Kingdom. He later returned to Malaysia to work in the construction industry on a variety of different buildings in West Malaysia and Borneo before joining Taylor’s University in 2006.

Dr Tan’s research interests cover the tangible and intangible heritage of minority communities in Malaysia, as well as the post-colonial narratives of urban spaces, and the legacy of colonial architecture in Southeast Asia. He is the author of two well-received books on the heritage of the Catholic Mission Schools of West Malaysia and Singapore, a topic which also served as the basis of his own PhD in 2017. He has published over 20 research articles in peer-reviewed indexed journals and book chapters, and has been the editor of a number of book publications and special issues.

Dr Tan has also been the lead researcher for various grants, including research dealing with public art and its contribution to place-making and identity in ASEAN; the pre-colonial heritage of Lembah Bujang in Malaysia, and the industrial heritage of tin-mining in Selangor. As a co-researcher he has also been involved in research about industrial space in the United Arab Emirates and the creation of a sustainable urban heritage index for Malaysia. He is the hub leader for Protecting Cultural Heritage under the liveable Urban Communities Impact Lab of Taylor’s University, where he has recently been appointed the Programme Director of its Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture Programme.


JHDRC 2022 Committee Advisor, Ms Catherine Toh, JCUS, passing a
Certificate of Appreciation to our KTC Sponsor.

KTC’s story started as a modest earth moving contractor back in 1988. With a clear focus on delivering quality and reliable service, the venture that started in a rented shop house has grown into a multi-discipline civil engineering enterprise with operations in both Singapore and Indonesia. KTC Group’s business units are categorized broadly into five main areas namely Transport Infrastructures, Aviation Infrastructure, Underground Infrastructures, Land Preparation/Earthworks & Deep Excavation.  The Group has a current staff strength of 2550, with 450 Professional & Technical in Singapore. We also own a fleet of over 1000 heavy machinery including tipper trucks, one the largest fleet in Singapore.

KTC Civil Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd was set up in 1997 as a part of KTC Group. Since its conception, KTC has secured and successfully completed various challenging and increasingly complex government projects. In 2010, KTC Civil Engineering achieved financial grade A1 registration with BCA under Workhead CW02, which allows us to tender for government contracts of unlimited amounts. KTC Group’s business streams are synergistic in nature and help us to offer comprehensive support to our elite clientele.


About the Host

Since our inception in 1969, Taylor's has gained significant recognition as a leading private education institution. Our exhaustive list of accolades range from national to international, a testimony to our unwavering commitment towards excellence in teaching and learning, and high impact research.


Taylor’s University
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