Course Title

Mysteries of water quality revealed

Course Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

By the end of this course, learners will:

  1. Understand key water quality parameters related to aquaculture and the natural environment.
  2. Understand the role of system components and practical procedures to manage water quality in aquaculture.
  3. Gain an awareness of the environmental demands, including aspects of pollution, for sustained aquaculture.
  4. Become familiar with equipment used to measure water quality.

Course Content (Synopsis)

Learners will be introduced to key water quality parameters that impact the health, growth and survival of aquatic animals in natural systems, in aquaculture and in ornamental fish care.

The course explores the chemistry of water quality components, and interactions among water quality variables (e.g. temperature and dissolved oxygen; pH and harmful nitrogen compounds).

Learners will gain insights into marine and freshwater environmental issues linked to water quality (eutrophication, dead zones, fish kills, ocean acidification). The environmental impact of high nutrient wastes will be considered alongside effective management strategies to minimize harm to the natural environment and to optimize the health of fish and invertebrates in aquaculture.

Who Should Attend

Aquaculturists, aquarists and those interested to learn about water quality in aquaculture.


9am – 5pm


SGD $500 incl. GST

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