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Orientation Online

The main aim of Orientation Week is to help students prepare for study, finalise their enrolment and meet other students. It provides a great opportunity for students to share their experience and develop a sense of belonging.

Good Choice!

You’ve made the right choice to enroll at James Cook University (JCU). Now is your chance to have a high quality education and work with world-class researchers. 

Savour this moment - the start of an exciting new phase in your life.

Orientation Online?

By the time you finish Orientation Online, you will have:

  • Learned how to use your JCU email and Internet account
  • Worked out your timetable
  • Located your lectures, tutorials and general access computers
  • Developed an awareness of census dates and how they affect you
  • Learned how to use eStudent, LearnJCU and StudentsOnline
  • Checked your fees and charges online
  • Learned how to borrow, extend and put Library books on hold
  • Learned how to get help with Library and Computing Services
  • Picked up tips on how to succeed at university

Orientation Week

Orientation Week is your on-campus introduction to life as a JCU student. There are a variety of social and academic activities to help you with your transition to university.

You will be encouraged to link with Student Mentors and Student Volunteers who will help you settle-in and meet other students. Orientation Week is held on campus in Singapore in the week before teaching starts for Study Periods 51, 52 and 53.

It is important to attend Orientation Week. You will see exactly where your lectures and tutorials are held and you will meet other students and staff.

Join us at our welcome lunches during the Orientation Week.

Help from Parents and Partners

Your family can help you in many different ways.

You and your family may find University time unstructured compared with school and some work. An adjustment has to be made and new students often find it hard to fit everything in during the first few weeks. Don’t worry, this is a normal experience and good time management is the one of the keys to success.

Have a look at our Getting Started at University for guidance and tips for new students.

Email and Internet

All JCU students have a JCU email account.

It is important you check your JCU email account at least twice a week. Official correspondence from JCU will be sent to you by email. If you don’t check your email, you could miss important information.

You get your JCU computer account details (login, password and email address), after you have been admitted to a course. If you don’t have your details then go to the Student Services Office at Block C and find assistance with our staff who are ready to help you.

Our ‘getting started with JCU computing’ webpage will help you with log-ins, passwords, printing and much more!

Students use My Mail.
Access the email webpage to find out how to access and forward email.
We run workshops to help you during Orientation Week - see the Orientation Program.

  • If you are contact JCU about your personal or enrolment details, we are unable to act unless you use your JCU email address.

We also ask that you write your student number in all emails to JCU. Your student number is printed on the ‘Offer Schedule’ in your Enrolment Pack.

Important Dates

Reading this page could save you hundreds of dollars.

Census Date

SP52 - 2 August 2018

Every subject has a census date. A ‘census date’ is a date set by the University for each study period.

A student’s enrolment in a subject is considered to be finalised as at close of business on the last working day on or before the census date. Student contribution amounts, tuition fees and international student fees are payable on or before the census date.

You must pay your fees before the census date.

Withdrawing from subjects

If you plan to withdraw from any subjects, you must withdraw online on or before the census date. This will ensure you do not have to pay for those subjects.

* You are able to change your subjects online up to and during week one of teaching. If you need to change subjects in week two, or after that then you have to seek permission from your lecturer. The Student Enquiry Centre staff can help you do this. If you withdraw after the census date, you will have to pay for those subjects.

For a full listing of study periods and census dates, visit Calendar and Timetables

Last date for withdrawal without academic penalty

SP52 - 24 August 2018

Each subject also has a last date for withdrawal without academic penalty. If you withdraw from a subject after this date, other than in exceptional circumstances, you will receive a fail for the subject.

Failing a subject

It’s not the end of the world if you fail a subject. But keep in mind that if you do, you will still have to pay for that subject – and if it is a core (compulsory) subject, you will have to repeat it to complete your course.