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SURVEY: Psychosocial effects of COVID-19 in Singapore

You are invited to take part in a research project about people’s responses to the COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) outbreak in Singapore. We’re conducting an online survey amongst Singaporean residents and visitors who are/were present in Singapore at the time of the outbreak (beginning in January 2020).

Exclusion criteria: Under the age of 18 years; Inability to understand conversational English; Diagnosis of any major mental health disorder, Currently a patient under hospitalization for any reason

The study is being conducted by a team of researchers representing James Cook University (JCU), the National University of Singapore, and the Singapore Psychological Society under the leadership of Dr Denise Dillon, a Senior Lecturer of Psychology at James Cook University in Singapore. The project has approval from the JCU Human Research Ethics Committee (approval no. H8064).

Click the link to participate in the survey: https://tinyurl.com/snntoq5