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SURVEY: Telework, a universal remedy or a one-off solution in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic?

We are currently living in an exceptional health and economic situation in the world for an indefinite period of time. In this context, telework has become the daily reality of many workers who have to adapt. The aim of this study is to take a new look at teleworking, to analyze the adaptation of employees to new ways of working and to digital tools. Beyond the impacts of teleworking in a crisis situation, we want to identify the potential for innovation in ways of working for the future.

For an international reach, this study is being conducted in the US, Canada, France, Australia, and Singapore.

We invite you to complete our online questionnaire that will take 10-12 minutes of your time. We will share the results of our survey on the websites of James Cook University, Bucknell University, Université de Montréal, TBS Business School, Université Laval, and Macquarie University.

This research has been approved by the Institutional Review Board (#1920-114) at Bucknell University and partner institutions.  You may discuss any questions you have about this study with Dr Eddy Ng at (copy to

Click the link to participate in the survey: