Research HDR Candidate Profiles Mohammad Izzat Morshidi

Mohammad Izzat Morshidi

Mohammad Izzat Morshidi

Mohammad Izzat Morshidi



  • MSc Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Manchester, UK, 2014-2015
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, Sunway University, Malaysia, 2009-2013


Izzat is a PhD candidate at James Cook University Singapore and academic staff at the University of Reading Malaysia. His research is largely influenced by his teaching experience in higher education experience as an academic staff. His PhD project focuses on the psychological impact of educational expectations including suicide risk and academic burnout among students in higher education across Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Izzat is also a Teaching Fellow of the HEA, UK.

Thesis Title

The impact of educational expectations among students in higher education: Examining the role of academic burnout and meaning in life.

Advisory Panel

Primary: Dr Peter Chew, Secondary: Dr Lidia Suarez, Advisor Mentor: A/Prof Denise Dillon


Research Interests

  • Suicide prevention
  • Youth Mental Health
  • Cyberpsychology