Supervisor Project Title
Claire Thompson Active Ageing and Spirituality predicting Activities among Older Persons.
Claire Thompson Theory of Planned Behavior: Predicting HPV Vaccination and Pap Smear Screening Intentions among Young Singaporean Women
Claire Thompson Neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPSs) and cognitive impairment as predictors of the level of distress in caregivers of people with possible Dementia and mild cognitive impairments.
Claire Thompson Knowledge, Ethnic and Demographic Influences on Stigmatization of Dementia among Singaporeans
Daniel Fassnacht Parental Comments: Relationship With Gender, Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating in Young Adults
Daniel Fassnacht ‘Feeling’ (and feeding) the Body: The Role of Body and Emotional Awareness, Body Responsiveness, and Body Appreciation in Intuitive Eating
Daniel Fassnacht An Examination of Media Image Influence on Male Body Dissatisfaction
Daniel Fassnacht Attitudes Towards Overweight and Obese Individuals
Daniel Fassnacht You Are What You Eat
Daniel Fassnacht Eating Your Moodiness Away Or Moodiness Eating You?
Denise Dillon Towards a Happy Ontological Self: Preliminary Findings from Exploratory Research
Denise Dillon Parental Authority and Academic Motivation with the Mediator of Self-Esteem
Denise Dillon Ambivalent Stereotypes and Discriminatory Behaviours against Women in Singapore
Denise Dillon Brown isn’t as Good as Green: Perceived Restoration in Desert and Green Environments
Denise Dillon Saving the Smart Salamander: Anthropomorphism and Statistical Information Enhance Willingness to Conserve Less Favourable Species
Denise Dillon On the Plate to Extinction: Mental Imagery and Categorization as Strategies to Save the Endangered Animals.
Denise Dillon Who Said What? Variables Facilitating Systematic Decisions in Source Monitoring
Denise Dillon Ambivalent stereotypes and discriminatory behaviours against women in Singapore
Denise Dillon Perceived restorative qualities of environments
Denise Dillon Cognitive underpinnings of affect: Happiness as a belief
Denise Dillon The mediating role of self esteem in the relationship between parental authority and academic motivation
Denise Dillon Separation of multiple memory traces in the event of misinformation
Denise Dillon The impact of anthropomorphic language and presentation format on intentions to help endangered wildlife species
Denise Dillon The effects of process versus outcome imagery on human likelihood to conserve edible endangered animals
Jagdeep Kaur Acculturative Stress of International Students in Singapore
Jagdeep Kaur Work Performance as a Function of Identifiability, Self-efficacy and Birth Order
Jagdeep Kaur The Impact of Gender and Nature of Task on Helping Behavior
Jagdeep Kaur Understanding the Relationship Between Dimensions of Empathy and Gender on Types of Helping Behaviour
Lidia Suarez Does Implicit Learning of Foreign Lexical Stress Rule Occur after a Brief Exposure?
Lidia Suarez Lexical Stress Facilitation during Foreign Language Acquisition
Lidia Suarez Acoustic Measures of Spanish Words Pronounced By English Speakers
Lidia Suarez Co-activation of Translation Equivalent in Bilingual
Lidia Suarez The Effect of Bilingualism on Perception of Distance
Lidia Suarez Influence of Word Frequency on Second Language Acquisition
Lidia Suarez The Effect of Musical Training and Performance on Working Memory Tasks
Lidia Suarez Effect of Emotion-Laden Words and Language Dominance on Impression Formation in Bilinguals 
Lidia Suarez Bilingualism and Verbal Reading Ability
Lohsnah Jeevanadam Your Thoughts and Emotions Matter! Sure Fire Ways to Fight Stress
Lohsnah Jeevanadam Impact of Resilience, Humour and Gender on Job-Related Emotional Well-Being
Lohsnah Jeevanandam Feeling Better After a Laugh?
Lohsnah Jeevanandam The Role of Humour in the Relationship of Coping and Resilience
Lohsnah Jeevanandam The Effects of Humour Style and Affect on Singaporean Workers
Lohsnah Jeevanandam Humour Styles in Singaporeans: Impact on Affective Appraisal of Job Stress
Lydia Tan Vicarious restoration of self control among university students in Singapore
Lydia Tan Re-examining the Effects of Music on Aggression and Affect in Modern Day Context
Lydia Tan Alpha Brain Waves And Short Term Memory
Lydia Tan Academic Expectations as a Source of Stress in Singapore and Australian Adolescents
Min Lee Relationship Satisfaction, Ideal-Actual Partner Discrepancies, and Attachment Styles
Mr. Patrick Lin The Effects of God Priming on Self Awareness and Cognitive Processes
Mr. Patrick Lin Impact of God prime on Extreme pro-social behaviors among the God believers
Mr. Patrick Lin Living up to God’s Expectations? God Concept & the Self
Mr. Patrick Lin Auditory Environmental Effects on Interpersonal Attraction
Nicola Lasikiewicz The Effects of Counting your Blessings on Perceived Stress and Coping Styles
Nicola Lasikiewicz Smartphone Use and Work-Related Well-Being
Nicola Lasikiewicz Rumination, Perceived stress and Responses to Psychological Challenge
Nicola Lasikiewicz Daily Sleep Habits and Cognitive Performance
Nicola Lasikiewicz Exploring the Chinese Zodiac, Stress and Coping
Nicola Lasikiewicz Exploring Stress-Induced Cognitive Impairment in Middle Aged, Centrally Obese Singaporean Adults
Nicole Doherty Roe The Influence of Attachment and Dating Status on the Intensity of Parasocial
Nicole Doherty Roe The Influence of Perfectionism and Parenting Styles on Young Adults’ Psychological Outcomes
Nicole Doherty-Roe Young Adult Sibling Relationships
Nicole Doherty-Roe The Association between Attachment Styles and Friendship Quality in Young Adults
Patrick Lin Thinking of yourself less: The Impact of Supraliminal and Subliminal Priming of God on Self-Accessibility
Patrick Lin The effect of God-Priming on Self-Accessibility
Patrick Lin The Effect of Religion on Pain and Submission
Patrick Lin God Makes Me Shy: A Study on God Concept Priming and Self-Judgement
Paul Fisher Advanced Care Planning for people with early cognitive impairments
Samuel Gan Effects Of Religion On Stress Management
Senthu Jeyaraj Work-Life Choices: Understanding the Preferences of Gen Y's
Senthu Jeyaraj Work-life Interventions: Differences between Work-life Balance and Work-life Harmony and its Impact on Creativity at Work
Senthu Jeyaraj Measuring Organizational Cognisance: Scale Development and Validation of a Change Management Instrument
Senthu Jeyaraj The Impact of Leadership Practices on Self and its Reflection Through the Public and Private Selves
Senthu jeyaraj Predicting academic achievement in university students by determining self discrepancies along DISC personality traits
Smita Singh Social Judgement and Likeability of Leaders
Smita Singh Perception of Workplace Behaviour
Smita Singh Construal Processing Styles and Recognition Memory
Smita Singh Exploring the Role of Abstract and Concrete Mindset in Creative Thinking
Smita Singh Academic Life and Stressors on Behaviour
Smita Singh Perception of Instant versus Delayed Rewards
Smita Singh Effect of Perception and Performance Feedback on Attributional Judgment and Psychological Distance


Supervisor Project Title Year of Completion
Denise Dillon Place attachment and pro-environmental behaviours 2012
Denise Dillon Effects of interaction between motivation and framing on one's likeliness to engage in pro-environmental behaviours 2012
Denise Dillon Effect of Public Service Announcement and Relevant Knowledge on Attitudes toward Schizophrenia 2012
Denise Dillon Effect of background colour on mood & performance 2012
Denise Dillon Valuing the great green outdoors: Predictors of ERB in a Singapore sample SP51 2012
Denise Dillon Effects of Knowledge and Public Service Announcements on Attitudes toward Schizophrenia SP51 2012
Denise Dillon Shopping for a Greener World – The Influence of Framing and Motivation on Green Consumerism SP51 2012
Denise Dillon No Effect of Color on Learning Tasks SP51 2012
Denise Dillon Ethnic Differences in Stigma Against Mental Illness in Singapore SP52 2012
Denise Dillon Empathy and the Dehumanization of Harmful Criminals SP52 2012
Elizabeth Nair The Effect of Familiarity on Young Adults’ Attitudes Towards Generation Y, X and Baby Boomers SP51 2012
Elizabeth Nair The Impact of Family Resilience Factors and the Likelihood of Families Resolving A Crisis SP52 2012
Lidia Suarez Factors that influence Massively Multiplayer Online Games SP51 2012
Lidia Suarez Learning strategies when acquiring a third language SP51 2012
Lidia Suarez The Logographic Language Background and Its Effects on Visual Memory and Language Acquisition SP52 2012
Lohsnah Jeevanadam Self-Discrepancies, Response Bias and Emotional Experiences: The Effects of Reviewing Attributes of the Actual-, Ought and Ideal- Self on Socially Desirable Responding and Positive and Negative Affect SP52 2012
Lohsnah Jeevanadam Hakuna Matata: The role of humour styles on coping and resilience SP52 2012
Lydia Tan Evolution or egalitarian? The role of socioeconomic status in predicting attraction for females in Singapore. SP51 2012
Lydia Tan Feeding your feelings? A study of several psychological determinants of emotional eating SP51 2012
Lydia Tan Perceived Social Support, Experiential Avoidance and the Mediating Role of Self Efficacy SP51 2012
Lydia Tan The Impact of Academic Stress on Depressive Tendencies among Singapore Undergraduates SP52 2012
Nicola Lasikiewicz Personality, Daily Hassles and Food SP52 2012
Nicola Lasikiewicz Feeling Lucky? The Effects of a Lucky Charm on Psychobiological Stress SP52 2012
Nicole Doherty-Roe Attachment, Communication and Sibling Relationship Quality SP51 2012
Nicole Doherty-Roe The Influence of Attachment on Young Adults’ Communication and Friendship Quality SP51 2012
Nicole Doherty-Roe Maternal Internal Working Models of Attachment, Maternal Sensitivity and their Impact on Toddler’s Socioemotional Developmental Outcomes SP52 2012
Nicole Doherty-Roe Attachment and caregiving: Responses to strangers’ anxiety expression SP52 2012
Patrick Lin Priming and Parochial Altruism: The Effects of “God” and “Religion” on Extreme Pro-Group Behaviour SP51 2012
Patrick Lin How do we describe God SP51 2012
Patrick Lin Priming God and Self Concept Accessibility SP52 2012
Patrick Lin Priming God Reduces Self-accessibility SP52 2012
Samuel Gan Personal Beliefs and Well-being SP51 2012
Samuel Gan Personality Type, Stress and Health in Singapore SP52 2012
Senthu Jeyaraj Effects of Self-Construal Differences on Cognitive Dissonance Examined by Priming the Independent and Interdependent Self SP51 2012
Senthu Jeyaraj Role of Emotional Engagement in Lecturer-Student Interaction and Achievement SP51 2012
Senthu Jeyaraj Predictors of Positive and Negative In-Group Behaviors SP51 2012
Senthu Jeyaraj Completion principle and the effects of self-esteem on personality preference in interpersonal attraction SP52 2012
Smita Singh Effect of Mindset Specificity and Helping Intentions: Self versus Others SP51 2012
Smita Singh Exploring the Relationship: Status, Competence, and Construal SP51 2012
Smita Singh Power and Action Construal: Exploring Perceived Responsibility as a Possible Mediator SP52 2012
Smita Singh What drives our social support decisions? SP52 2012
Tan Yew Kong Factors underlying Subjective Well-Being SP51 2012
Tan Yew Kong Perceived Responses to Positive Disclosure within Close Relationships SP51 2012
Tze Min Lee Relationship between Personality Traits and Coping Styles SP51 2012
Tze Min Lee Investigating the Predictors of Happiness in relation to Quality of Friendship and Companionship SP52 2012


Supervisor Project Title
Denise Dillon Emotional effects of colours on the categorization of arousing-calming words
Denise Dillon Pet or Product: the impact of positive or negative images in changing consumer behaviour towards meat consumption.
Denise Dillon Statistics anxiety and the Big Five personality factors
Denise Dillon Public understanding of climate change: community survey
Denise Dillon Music and personality
Denise Dillon Animacy & attributions of humanness
Denise Dillon Cross-cultural exploration of hot-cold food understandings
Denise Dillon SG understandings of climate & environment

Prior 2011

Supervisor Project Title Year of Completion
Denise Dillon The Influence of Relative Pronouns on Attributions of Humanness 2009
Denise Dillon Assessing emotional intelligence in adolescents and young adults: Measures other than self report questionnaires. 2009
Denise Dillon Exploring the Emotional Content of Artworks by Patients with Schizophrenia 2009
Denise Dillon The influence of mathematics test anxiety and academic procrastination on task choices 2010
Denise Dillon Exploring Emotional Expression in the Emotive Medium of Poetry 2010
Denise Dillon Dimensions of Place Attachment in Spatial Ranges 2010
Denise Dillon Friend or Foe? Attribution of humanness to human and non-human others depending on perceived animosity 2010
Denise Dillon Effects of anxiety and misinformation on eyewitnesses' memory 2010