Rules &  Regulations:

  1. The competition is open to students enrolled in any Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore (including Polytechnics, JCs, ITE, and Universities etc.) and other countries.
  2. Fresh graduates is eligible to join within one year of graduation and has to join the alma mater to compete.
  3. Each Institution can participate with an unlimited number of teams and each team will comprise of up to 4 members.
  4. The game design process will take place fully within the event venue (James Cook University campus) and span 24 hours of continuous development.
  5. Participants must bring their own laptops and can use any game engine/tools they are comfortable with for the competition (e.g. Unity, Construct 2, Game Maker, Photoshop, Maya etc.).
  6. Game created must be inspired by and/or reference an old 8 or 16 bit game (e.g. a specific game mechanic, setting, genre or aesthetic style) and submitted either as a PC standalone executable (running under Windows or MacOS) or as a mobile app/project (Android or iOS).
  7. Exact theme will only be released on event day.
  8. Games will be judged by a panel of experts according to the following criteria:
    • -Originality
    • -Use of retro inspired elements
    • -Use of theme
    • -Potential for further development and commercial success
  9. Each team must come back to showcase their game during the Game Jam Display on 10 November 2019 and to provide a 30-seconds game trailer to the organizer by 12pm.
  10. The “Audience Choice Award” will be given to the team that has the highest number of votes by the public at the Game Jam Display on 10 November 2019
  11. Teams must register by 25 October 2019.
  12. Late registration may be approved subjected to space and resource availability.
  13. Registration is free of charge.
  14. Teams will own all copyrights for their respective games but James Cook University will reserve the right to showcase them in any future publicity materials.
  15. Instructors are welcome but can only give general feedback and suggestions during the jam: i.e. they are not allowed to help in coding, producing assets and/or debugging the games. Teams that get direct external help in making their game will be disqualified.