Public Lecture

Transitions: Adapting Intellectual Properties through Multiple Types of Media

Date: 10 November, Sunday
Time: 1.30pm (registration from 1pm)
Venue: James Cook University, Singapore
149 Sims Drive Singapore 387380


In this talk, we'll examine the issues intellectual properties in the gaming world face in adapting to different types of media, such as books, comics, novelizations, tabletop and board games, video games and licenced properties.

About the Speaker

Mike Pondsmith

Mr Mike Pondsmith, R.Talsorian Games Inc.

As lead designer and president of R.Talsorian Games, Mike Pondsmith is a thirty five year veteran of the game development industry, with credits in board, tabletop, card and video games. As well as operating his own design studio, he is currently working with developer CD Project Red to adapt his world-renowned Cyberpunk game property into the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

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