James Cook University Merit Scholarships

James Cook University is awarding Merit Scholarships to high calibre individuals with outstanding academic achievement and well developed skills in critical thinking and creativity.

Scholarship Categories

*One academic year is equivalent to 8 subjects.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Meet James Cook University academic entry requirements
  • Submit a complete application form including scholarship application form and relevant documents
  • Eligibility criteria varies dependent on country

Scholarship Application Period

CountriesApplication Windows Open
Malaysia15-Nov-2017 to 15-Jan-2018

For more information please contact the following:

Contact: +65 8222 6833
Email: admissions-singapore@jcu.edu.au


Cities Country Representatives Contact
Beijing Summer Jiao summer.jiao@jcu.edu.au
(+86) 185 0008 9316
Tianjin / Liaoning
Jilin / Heilongjiang / Inner Mongolia
Elena Liang elena.liang@jcu.edu.au
(+86) 186 1253 8662
Henan / Hebei / Shandong / Hubei Zoe Liu zoe.liu@jcu.edu.au
(+86) 159 3629 6860
Shaanxi / Gansu / Ningxia / Shanxi Vivian Wen vivan.wen@jcu.edu.au
(+86) 1808 918 8688
Sichuan / Chongqing
Qinghai / Xizang / Xinjiang
April Zhang april.zhang@jcu.edu.au
(+86) 1814 8147 757
Guangdong / Guangxi
Hainan / Yunnan / Hong Kong / Macau
Lin Yuan yuan.lin@jcu.edu.au
(+86) 1352 2077 447
Jiangxi / Hunan / Guizhou / Fujian Crystal Cao crystal.cao@jcu.edu.au
(+86) 1850 6926 658


Cities Country Representatives Contact
Chennai Surenthiran Prabhakaran surenthiran.prabhakaran@jcu.edu.au
(+91) 988 443 0735
Delhi Chandan Barman chandan.barman@jcu.edu.au
(+91) 982 041 1837
Kolkata Tanuj Soni tanuj.soni@jcu.edu.au
(+91) 920 220 4083
Mumbai Sudeshna Bagchi sudeshna.bagchi@jcu.edu.au
(+91) 982 041 1837


Cities Country Representatives Contact
Indonesia Ria Susiati ria.susiati@jcu.edu.au
(+62) 816 141 6166


Cities Country Representatives Contact
Malaysia William Goh william.goh@jcu.edu.au
(+60)17 2706709


Cities Country Representatives Contact
Hanoi Tran Huong Linh huonglinh.tran@jcu.edu.au
(+84) 904 562 445
Ho Chi Minh Constance Vien Nha Linh constance.vien@jcu.edu.au
(+84) 906 926 392

Apply For Scholarship Now

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Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarship is only available for students studying at the Singapore campus of James Cook University (JCUS).
  • Successful awardees shall study an undergraduate course or postgraduate course at JCUS.
  • The scholarship is equivalent to the tuition fees for a maximum 8 subjects at JCUS.
  • The scholarship amount will be offset against the final subjects undertaken (up to a maximum of 8 subjects).
  • The scholarship is only applicable for all Bachelor and Master Degree programs except for Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Master of Psychology (Clinical) and Master of Philosophy.
  • The scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of the University, the scholarship holder’s progress or behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory.
  • JCUS does not guarantee and/or provide scholars with employment upon graduation.
  • If the scholarship holder decides to withdraw from the University and/or terminate the scholarship prematurely, the University reserves the right to impose repayment of all scholarship monies disbursed to the scholar.
  • It is subject to the University discretion to award the scholarship.
  • Scholarship is not applicable for transfer to any James Cook University campus in Australia.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to take on the role of student ambassador or any other similar role representing James Cook University to give publicity talks and testimonials as and when called upon to do so.
  • In the event of any dispute the decision of the University will be final and binding.