The Tourism behavior (TCB) research cluster undertakes research in the field of tourism and hospitality management. The cluster focuses on understanding tourist choices and behaviors. Important topics are cultural tourism, dark tourism, relationship with residents, destination image and identity, and sustainable tourism.

The research cluster is comprised of academics from JCU Singapore as well as scholars from around the world. We also host doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows and organize a seminar series with both visiting and JCU Singapore speakers. Additionally, we welcome collaborations with public and industry partners on research and consulting projects. Please contact Alexander Josiassen for opportunities with the Tourism Behavior research cluster.

Aims and objectives:

Our focal aim is to provide guidance to employers and policy makers on tourism, travel and hospitality decisions. Specifically, the aims and objectives of the cluster are to:

  • publish papers in leading academic journals (A/A+ in the ABDC ranking and 3/4 in the AJG ranking),
  • make significant contributions to research and practice in tourism and hospitality management,
  • develop collaborations among researchers from JCU Singapore,
  • develop collaborations with international researchers,
  • encourage links between the academic and practitioner communities.

Current research themes include:

  • Destination image
  • Destination biases
  • Covid19 and tourism behavior
  • Tourism firm performance
  • Coolness and destination levels