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Academic Record

Unofficial academic record

Current students can obtain an unofficial academic record (listing your subjects and grades) at eStudent. Go to Results and Graduation, click on Results, then Continue. Click on ‘Email my complete academic record’ to receive a copy delivered to your JCU email account.

Students no longer studying at JCU but who have a my.jcu email address can access eStudent to obtain an unofficial academic record. If you do not know your password contact ITHelpDesk to have your password reset.

Students no longer studying at JCU who do not have a my.jcu email address will need to apply for an official academic record.

Official academic record

Official academic records are printed on blue JCU security paper without alterations or erasures and are certified by the University Registrar.

When photocopied, the word ‘COPY’ appears prominently across the front of the document. The microprinting security line, which reads ‘James Cook University’ under magnification, is not legible on a copy.

Requesting an official academic record

To obtain your official academic record please complete the Application for Academic Record form and return your completed and signed form by email or in person.

Note: In some circumstances your Academic Record will take longer than above to process. This can include results not available, if you have not had your degree conferred (by ceremony or Council).