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Post Graduation Request

Replacement of lost or destroyed Testamur

In the event that your testamur if it is lost, misplaced or damaged, you will need to fill out the Testamur Replacement Form and submit it to James Cook University Australia (form submission details are stated in the form) for a replacement.

If a testamur is declared as lost in the mail, but is eventually delivered at a later date it must be returned to James Cook University – at no cost to you.

Request for Unofficial Academic Record

An unofficial academic record for students currently studying at JCU is available through eStudent. Go to Results and Graduation, click on Results, then Continue to next page. Click on Email my complete academic record for an email to be sent to your James Cook University Australia email account.

Students no longer studying at JCU Singapore can contact JCU Singapore Student Services Office for assistance.

Please note that unofficial academic records are free and NOT printed on official JCU stationary.

Request for Official Academic Record

In the event that an official academic record is required, please complete the Academic Record Application Form and submit it to James Cook University Australia (form submission details are stated in the form).

An Official academic record is printed on blue James Cook University security paper without alterations or erasures and is certified by the registrar. When photocopied, the word “COPY” appears prominently across the front of the document. The microprinting security line, which reads “James Cook University" under magnification, will not be readable on a copy.

Please note that official academic records cannot be provided if you have an outstanding debt with the University.

Continuous Learning Scheme

JCU Singapore Alumni enjoy an attractive tuition fee relief through our Continuous Learning Scheme should you choose to further your education with us.

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