Technical Support Staff


Mr Joseph Angelo V. Uichanco

Manager Laboratory 
P +65 6709 3751

Joseph manages the Science Teaching Laboratory and the Aquaculture Research and Teaching (A.R.T.) Facility at James Cook University (Singapore). He has a Master's degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of the Philippines and has since had a number of roles doing research both in the lab and out in the field. He has worked on projects with Tilapia, Asian seabass, etc. He is passionate about discovery and innovation, as well as the use of molecular tools in solving current problems in the farming of aquatic animals. He is advisor to the JCU Aquaculture Club.


Ms Celestine Terence

Research Assistant (Aquaculturist)
P +65 6709 3736

Celestine graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture in 2019. Her 5-month internship at Barramundi Asia Pte Ltd prior to her graduation equipped her with the knowledge of facilitating large-scale aquaculture production in both RA systems and open sea farming systems. Following that, she briefly worked with Barramundi Asia as a part-time fish vaccinator. She currently plies her trade at JCU as a research assistant for aquaculture working on research initiatives with Barramundi Asia investigating breeding for disease resistance in barramundi. Celestine’s interest lies in wildlife conservation and she hopes to work on future projects that look into the ways aquaculture can aid in conserving marine biodiversity.

Mr Jonathan Lee Guo Wei

Research Assistant – Aquaculture
P +65 6709 3864

Jonathan graduated from James Cook University with a Degree in Environmental Science (Academic medal) in 2019 before re-joining as a staff the same year. He had the opportunity to work at Barramundi Asia as a part-time fish vaccinator from 2018 to 2019, which gave him hands-on experience in fish farm operations and husbandry. Jonathan is also an ornamental fish breeder by hobby since 2010, and has successfully bred several species of vertebrates and invertebrates such as Triops (T. longicaudatus; T. austrieliensis green), Betta channoides, Nothobranchius eggersi red and Epiplatys dageti, and grows his own live food (grindal worms, Enchytraeus buchholzi; Daphnia magna; Daphnia moina).