Tropical regions of the world face unprecedented challenges due to population growth and an associated demand for high-quality seafood. This population expansion will continue to pressure wild fisheries resources and dictate ever higher efficiencies from aquaculture production.

Capitalising on its location right in the middle of Asia, James Cook University in Singapore (JCUS) has research expertise that specialises in the sustainable production of tropical aquaculture species. With world-class experts in aquaculture genetics, nutrition, hatchery production, husbandry and aquatic animal health, researchers are ready to partner with commercial industry, government institutions, universities, polytechnics and other stakeholders, to conduct high-quality scientific R&D.

For further information on how to work with JCUS please send an email to [email protected]

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Watch the Scale Drop Disease Challenge Trial

As part of the ‘Singapore Food Story’ research project ‘Supercharging barramundi production through advanced selective breeding for improved disease resistance, growth and fillet traits’, researchers at the Tropical Futures Institute (TFI), James Cook University Singapore ran a pilot scale drop disease virus (SDDV) challenge trial in barramundi, to develop a challenge model to support the genetic selection of SDDV resistant families for aquaculture.

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