We have forged numerous partnerships with the industry. These engagements involve industry projects giving students a hands-on opportunity to put their theoretical learning into practice in a creative and innovative manner.


Industry Projects & Solutions

Professional Internship

Industry Driven Competitions

Career Talks & Mock Interviews

Thought Leadership Lectures


These activities imbibe professional skills to ensure graduate employee competitiveness.

“Working with the team and Youssef was a great experience and it helped me understand what consulting in the real world would involve. The project involved managing the team and working with them to develop deliverables that met the client’s expectations, which was a hard task. However, with the right amount of research and a collaborative effort, we were able to pull through and get the project done. The guidance of our club mentor, Dr Mukherjee, helped make the experience very fruitful and smooth.
Arnav Guliani

My internship with Raijin Technologies gave me the chance to learn more about Business field. I have developed many skills, such as identifying potential customers for business based on a company’s pricing strategy and their unique selling point (USP). Moreover, it gave me a better understanding of what I learned in the classroom and showed me how I can apply the skills and knowledge in real-life scenarios. I also learned many things from the feedback from Raijin’s CEO after each meeting. In a nutshell, it was a valuable experience which I feel makes me more confident in my professional journey.
- Shlok Mahendra Bhurke

Professional Engagements

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For industry partnerships, contact us:

Dr Malobi Mukherjee
Senior Lecturer
JCU Singapore Business School
James Cook University
149 Sims Drive
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Tel: +65 6709 3763
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