Student Stories

Students are at the heart of our University, and student success is based on the entire university experience. Here are some insights from our various business students about their academic and campus life experiences:

Jayden Kim
Jayden Kim with his fellow participants at a Circular Economy + Sustainability Competition.

Jayden Kim Chang Hee, Higher Degree Research student in Management & Commerce:

I am the first recipient of the James Cook University Postgraduate Research Scholarship at JCU, Singapore. Looking back on my PhD journey, I can say that it was a challenging and hectic but incredibly rewarding period of my life. I collaborated with advisors and leading researchers from different countries, resulting in the publication of journal articles, conference papers, and a book chapter. I also participated in the development of a new PhD programme at the Ivey Business School in Canada, the 3MT Three Minute Competition, the Singapore Model United Nations 2022 panel, and was an ad-hoc reviewer for peer-reviewed journal articles. These were the most rewarding experiences I had as a PhD student. Above all, getting a best paper co-authored with my advisors for the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Boston, Massachusetts in 2023 will remain a standout moment in my PhD journey.

Marisol with the Marketing Club members and volunteering at an academic conference held at JCU, Singapore.

Marisol Ovalle Munoz, Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing)

In my education at the JCU Singapore Business School, majoring in Marketing has assisted me as a new business owner. The knowledge and skills gained from my university education have given me the confidence that has impacted my success as a wine importer in Indonesia. The various business subjects such as International Marketing, Accounting for Decision Making, Management Concepts and Applications, Professional Academic Skills for Business, and Principles of Economics provided a solid foundation for me in entrepreneurship. Subjects such as market research, financial planning, and effective communication equip me with the essential skills to deal with customers and suppliers, which have proven valuable in starting my own business. I overcame some obstacles through persistence and hard work and successfully established my enterprise in this rapidly-growing industry. I am grateful for the education I received at James Cook University, which has provided me with a solid foundation for success as a business owner.

Linh with the JCU Singapore Vietnamese Community Club and her classmates and lecturer in Marketing Strategy, Analytics and Development class.

Linh Truong, MBA in Creative Marketing

I felt excited about studying at JCU, Singapore, yet lonely as I am living far from my hometown. Gradually I joined the Vietnamese Community Club and got to know my newfound friends embarking on different majors. I also made friends from many different countries. We studied and ate together, enjoying similar interests and sharing laughter along the way. Although there are some difficulties because of language barriers and different cultures, I am grateful that the JCU Singapore Business School has empowered me to be a more confident and happier person. I thoroughly enjoy the MBA program with many inspiring lecturers, and am thankful to Dr Bradshaw, who encourages students with funny episodes of entrepreneurship-related topics; Dr Kenny, who reviews exciting topics through the Kahoot quizzes; and Dr Pengji, who guided and encouraged me in research apprenticeship and academic writing skills. Coming to the JCU Singapore Business School is the best choice I had made in my life.

Ratna was highly commended in the Open Access Competition and as part of the EHS committee that participated in World Water Day at JCU in Singapore.

Ratna Devi, Higher Degree Research student in Management & Commerce

The 4-year PhD program with the JCU Singapore Business School has transformed and developed me professionally and personally, as I am able to stretch my capabilities for continuous learning, strengthen relationships and forge networks with faculty members, academia, industry partners, government, and the wider community. I attended core professional development modules and participated in various competitions, coming in first in the 3-minute-thesis (3MT) and Highly Commended in the HDR Open Access Advocate competition. Carrying out research at JCU Singapore Business School opens doors to many opportunities. I am a member of the JCU Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) committee and helmed the JCU Business School Green Bag Series where invited academics and industry practitioners presented their research ideas and working papers online. These sessions had been an eye-opener for me in bridging practitioners and academia on a single platform to learn from one another.

Pan was part of a panel of student speakers at Academic Integrity Awareness Day and participated in a self-leadership workshop.

Pan Ingyin, Bachelor of Business (International Business and Digital Marketing)

My experience as the President of the Wallstreet Club at JCU, Singapore and my active participation in events from the JCU Singapore Business School have been incredibly enriching and rewarding.  I had numerous opportunities to grow as a student and work towards my future professional expectations. One such event was the "TUG OF WORDS" Debate Championship organised for students to showcase their debating skills and engage in intellectual discourse on important topics like sustainability and carbon emissions. This event enabled me to showcase my organisational, leadership, and management abilities and make connections with professionals and peers from different backgrounds. I also participated in the JCU Cup, where our JCU, Singapore team received the People's Choice Award. I developed my creative design thinking and product prototyping skills and built connections with students across the JCU campuses. I am grateful for the support from the Business School, especially Dr K. Thirumaran, who empowered me and my fellow club members to create a thriving community where students can develop their skills, network, and grow as professionals.

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