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1. Am I eligible for Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)?
Students graduating from an award course at any JCU Campus on or after 18 December 2010 will be issued an AHEGS. Students who graduated prior to this date are not eligible to receive Graduation Statements.
2. When are AHEGS issued?
Graduation Statements are posted to graduates after the Graduation Ceremony.
3. Is there a cost for AHEGS?
No. The Graduation Statement is issued free of charge to graduating students. Further copies can be obtained for a fee by completing the Application for Graduation Statement Form.
4. Can I order more copies of AHEGS?
Yes. Further copies of the Graduation Statement can be obtained by completing the Application for Graduation Statement Form.
5. What information is included on the AHEGS?
The AHEGS includes:
  • Student’s name and ID number
  • The name of award conferred and some information about the course, including: length of course, language of instruction and admission requirements.
  • Information about the awarding institution (JCU)
  • Details of the subjects and grades, plus any advanced standing that contributed to the award, including a key to grading
  • Description of the Australian higher education system.
6. Does AHEGS replace the academic record?
No. The Graduation Statement is issued only after an award has been completed, and contains only information that is relevant to that award. Academic records can still be requested by students at any stage during their studies, and will continue to contain a record of all studies undertaken at JCU whether or not those studies lead to the presentation of an award.