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1. How do I know if I am eligible to graduate?
You are eligible to graduate if you have accumulated the credit points necessary for the respective courses. Alternative, you can check with your respective Associate Dean after your final results are released.
2. How do I apply to graduate?
Complete and submit the online Graduation Application Form on this website.
3. What if I complete my degree a few months before the Graduation Ceremony?
You have the option to graduate in absentia or to attend the next available graduation ceremony.
4. If I do not submit the Graduation Application Form or pay up my outstanding fees will the University confer my award?
No, the University is unable to graduate any student who does not submit their Graduation Application Form.
5. Please explain the titles 'Graduand' and 'Graduate' of James Cook University?
After you are approved to graduate and before the Chancellor confers your award you are a 'graduand'. After your award has been conferred either at a graduation ceremony or in absentia you are a 'graduate'.
6. After I am a graduate is there a way of keeping in touch with the University?
Yes, we encourage all graduates to register themselves as alumni members & keep in touch with their university. Graduands attending the Graduation Ceremony have the opportunity to sign up as an Alumni member by filling up the Alumni Profile Update Form during the ceremony.

Alternatively, you can also register as an alumni member through Alumni e-Community Portal. The login username is firstname.lastname and the password is your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy. If this does not work, please go to New User Registration & fill in the form. We will find your record and email you the new user name and password.
7. Can I have a printout of my official academic record with a notation stating that I have completed my award?
Yes but only after the Pro Vice Chancellor has approved your graduation.
8. How do I apply for a printout of my official academic record before and after graduation?
You can do so by completing an Application for Official Academic Record Form.
9. Will I receive any information regarding my graduation status?
Upon successful receipt of the Graduation Application Form and settlement of all outstanding payments with the campus, graduands should receive an Approval Letter issued by James Cook University Australia through the email stated in their Graduation Application Form.
10. If I can't attend a graduation ceremony this year, can I attend next year?
Yes, provided you have not had your award conferred in absentia i.e. you have not requested that the JCU University Council confer your award at a council meeting.
11. How can I have my award conferred if I do not wish to attend a Ceremony?
Your award can be conferred in absentia at a University Council Meeting if you do not wish to attend a Ceremony. Please tick the appropriate box on the Graduation Application Form.
12. How do I get my testamur (certificate) if I am not attending a ceremony?
The testamur will be mailed out after the University Council Meeting or Graduation Ceremony to the address nominated as your graduation address in your Graduation Application Form.
13. How do I replace my testamur (certificate) if it is lost, misplaced or damaged?
You will need to fill out the Testamur Replacement Form and submit it to James Cook University (form submission details are stated in the form)

If a testamur is declared as lost in the mail, but is eventually delivered at a later date it must be returned to James Cook University – at no cost to you.
14. Can I order a testamur (certificate) with a new name after graduation?
No, you will not be able to. Hence it is important that you to check through and verify their personal information such as the name and academic award to be printed on the testamur stated on the Approval Letter sent by James Cook University Australia.

If all information are correct, no action is required on the part of the graduand. If the information is not correct, graduand is responsible to email exams-townsville@jcu.edu.au with the appropriate supporting documents such as copies of their passport (International student), identfication card (Domestic student) & deed poll etc.