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Wed, 15 Nov 2023

Personal Effectiveness in Leadership

When: 15 November 2023, 11am to 2pm
Location:James Cook University, Singapore

Calling all Gen Zs! Imagine you are the leader of a team on a challenging project in your school or university. What leadership qualities would you prioritise to ensure success? How would you leverage on each of your team members’ strengths to work towards a common goal?

Seize this unique opportunity to understand how to be an effective leader! Join us for a free workshop on Personal Effectiveness in Leadership, presented by the JCU Singapore Business School. This workshop is designed to equip you with valuable insights, practical tools, and leadership strategies, empowering you to shape a brighter future in your education journey.

Event Highlights

🎯Personal Effectiveness in Leadership | 🕒11am - 11.40am

Join us for an insightful talk by our esteemed academics of JCU Singapore Business School, Dr Jacob Wood and Dr Adrian Bradshaw, as they share their practical insights on leadership and effective team management to empower your personal growth.

Part 1: Understanding Leadership by Dr Jacob Wood

  • Explore the fundamental theory of leadership.
  • Identify three leadership styles.
  • Distinguish between Transactional and Transformational Leadership.
  • Examine how leaders significantly influence performance through organisational culture, goal setting, and relationships with followers.
  • Analyse the role of power and influence as essential leadership tools.

Part 2: Effective Team Leadership by Dr Adrian Bradshaw

  • Define the concept of a team and its importance.
  • Classify different types of teams and their functions.
  • Learn when and why to utilise teams for optimal results.
  • Address the challenges associated with leading teams effectively.
  • Discover the opportunities and benefits of leading teams.
  • Explore strategies for leading change effectively.

Speaker Profiles

Dr Jacob WoodDr Jacob Wood
Associate Professor of International Business

Dr Wood specializes in the fields of international trade negotiation and the effect of non-tariff barriers on international trade flows. In addition to this, he published a series of international business studies on financial performance and social business adoption. His research has been published in a range of prominent international journal publications including the World Economy, World Trade, Singapore Economic Review, and the Journal of Asian-Pacific Economic Literature.

Dr. Adrian BradshawDr Adrian Bradshaw
Lecturer of Business

Dr Bradshaw was involved in and managed information technology projects. His PhD in management allows bridging management and information technology to understand the impact that IT experts have on knowledge and competences in small and medium-sized enterprises. He has a keen interest in qualitative research and the application of qualitative methods to business management, project management and information systems development.

🎯Icebreaker Activity | 🕒11.40am – 12pm

Put your newfound knowledge of effective teamwork into practice with a fun and engaging icebreaker activity! Seize this opportunity to foster meaningful connections with your fellow teammate, each hailing from diverse backgrounds.

🎯Develop a Business Idea over Lunch | 🕒12pm – 2pm

Apply the insights gained throughout the day to practical scenarios of your choice. Join forces with your team mates to brainstorm innovative business development ideas over lunch. Then share why these ideas matter to you. The best team gets an attractive prize from us!

🎯(Optional) Student Club Engagement | 🕒2pm – 2.30pm

After the workshop, feel free to take a tour of our campus club drive, where you will have the chance to connect with students from our diverse clubs at JCU Singapore!

Join us for a day of learning, networking, and personal growth. Develop your leadership potential and become a more effective leader in your education journey. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting workshop!

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Admissions: Free. Limited to 42 seats on a first come, first served basis.

This event will be held at our Singapore campus.
Attendance is only open to people residing in Singapore.
Photos and videos will be taken during the event for various media and publicity purposes.
The activities listed are subject to change.

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