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Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

Talent is the most important resource of any organisation and the Singapore campus of James Cook University is no exception. We have assembled a team of dynamic individuals, each with his/her own unique talent to make our campus a special place for students and staff alike.

We are proud to highlight both our management & academic staff profiles in this directory. Start clicking on the respective profiles below to get to know them better!

JCU Singapore Business School

Dr. K. Thirumaran
Academic Head, Business | Associate Professor, Business

Associate Professor Jacob Wood
Associate Dean of Research

Dr. Caroline Wong
Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching | Senior Lecturer in Business

JCU Singapore School of Social and Health Sciences

Dr. Ai Ni Teoh
Academic Head, Social and Health Sciences | Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Associate Professor Jonathan E. Ramsay
Associate Dean, Student Engagement | Associate Professor, Psychology

Dr. Denise Dillon
Associate Dean of Research Education | Associate Professor, Psychology

Professor Nigel V. Marsh
Professor of Clinical Psychology | Director of Professional Programs