Dr. Shen Xueyan

Dr. Shen Xueyan

Dr. Shen Xueyan

Senior Lecturer, Aquaculture


  • Doctor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ocean University of China, 2005-2007
  • Master of Aquaculture, Ocean University of China, 2001-2004

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Dr. Xueyan Shen obtained her M.Sc in Aquaculture and Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Ocean University of China in 2004 and 2007, respectively. After that, she started her Postdoctoral work on maintenance of genomic resources for the National BioResource Project Medak in NIBB (Okazaki, Japan). From 2010, she worked in the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL), Singapore, where as a Research Fellow, she led several research teams towards increasing Singapore’s food fish supply through application of aquaculture genomics R&D.

Research Interests

Dr. Shen’s research interest is on the development of “robust” aquaculture strains to boost seafood production. Her expertise include aquaculture new genomic tools development and application; aquaculture genetics, aquaculture disease and selective breeding.