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Message from the VC

Message from the VC

I warmly welcome you to James Cook University (JCU).

As you start your academic journey as a university student, I would like to extend my thanks to you for trusting JCU with the important responsibility of furthering your education. Rest assured that our welcoming and safe environment will endeavour to make you feel comfortable as you learn and share interesting ideas, make new friends, and discover valuable opportunities.

JCU is an internationally-renowned university for the Tropics, with strong, industry-focused teaching programs and outstanding research that addresses critical challenges facing the tropical world. We are genuinely committed to building on JCU’s rise to prominence over its half-century of existence, by providing a holistic university experience for students. At the same time, we aim to create a brighter future for life in the tropics world-wide, aligned with our core values of excellence, sustainability, innovation and more.

Established in 2003, the Singapore campus of James Cook University is fundamental to our focus on excellence. The Singapore campus earned the distinction of being the first private education institution to attain an EduTrust Star quality mark from the Singaporean Government in early 2015, and received the award again in 2019. Attaining this achievement signals the remarkable quality of the staff, students and learning environment at the Singapore campus, and demonstrates that student education and welfare is our top priority.

I invite you to connect with our vibrant and diverse JCU community. We support collaborative learning and collaborative study techniques, and provide access to a wide range of facilities and services to support your learning. Academic offerings and engaging activities both inside and away from the classroom provide endless opportunities for you to gain knowledge, skills and networks that remain relevant in your future careers, as we approach a more diverse professional landscape.

Ultimately, JCU students share a passion for making a difference, and are emerging leaders who will help shape tomorrow’s world. As we look ahead and move forward together, I hope you enjoy your stay with us and I wish you success in your academic studies.

Professor Simon Biggs
Vice Chancellor and President

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Professor Simon Biggs
Vice Chancellor and President, James Cook University