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The Singapore campus of James Cook University

The Singapore campus of James Cook University

The Singapore campus of James Cook University is fully owned by James Cook University Australia, which is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world1. James Cook University Australia established its Singapore campus in 2003 as part of its expressed intent of internationalising its activities and offers a suite of university level programs at the Singapore campus covering the areas of Business, Information Technology, Psychology, Guidance and Counselling, Science, Commerce, Accounting, Aquaculture, Environmental Science, Games Design, Tourism and Hospitality.

James Cook University offers Higher Degree by Research programs such as Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy and pathways to a higher degree.

Additionally, the campus offers courses at the pre-university level, specifically designed to provide pathways for students who are unable to immediately meet university entrance standards.

The Singapore campus of James Cook University is located at Sims Drive. The campus provides students with access to a full range of facilities and services to support their learning. These include lecture and seminar rooms, library and associated study facilities, computer laboratories, aquaculture research and teaching facility, financial lab and access to a variety of sporting facilities.

James Cook University Inter-campus Exchange Program*

James Cook University provides the opportunity for students to study in Singapore and in Australia and yet still remain as Singapore based students paying their fees in Singapore currency. This is a unique program designed to ensure that the students get the best possible outcomes from their years of study with the university, which operates across two countries.

EduTrust Star

James Cook University has the highest level of quality assurance in Singapore for Private Education Institutions. This is known as EduTrust Star and is a symbol of recognition for outstanding achievement. EduTrust Star is awarded to those institutions for attaining a commendable level of performance in managing their institutions and providing an outstanding quality of education and welfare for their students.

James Cook University is the first organisation with EduTrust Star. By obtaining this award for the third time in 2023, James Cook University has displayed its commitment and focus as a student centric educational institution.


James Cook University has also been awarded the Singapore Quality Class STAR (SQC STAR). The SQC STAR recognises SQC organisations that have made further improvement in their business excellence journey.

Tropical Futures Institute

Given that research is a core component of the university, James Cook University established the Tropical Futures Institute to leverage off the university’s research capability and strength and that creates substantive value-add to the research ecosystems of Singapore and the ASEAN region.  The Tropical Futures Institute is the first research institute established by an Australian university in Singapore.

James Cook Institute

James Cook Institute is a wholly-owned subsidiary of James Cook University in Singapore that offers short courses and training programs in Industry 4.0 and areas that fit the needs of the workforce and community. This includes a wide range of short courses and training programs in information technology, digital marketing, communication, and more

James Cook Institute is committed to further diversifying and enhancing its short course offerings, as well as delivering customised training programs for corporate clients to provide more people with the opportunity to upgrade their skills and stay relevant and employable in today’s ever-changing world.

1 2024 Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 2023 ShanghaiRanking Academic Ranking of World Universities as a percentage of higher education providers in the International Association of Universities (IAU) database
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