JCU Success Workshops

JCU Success Workshops

JCU Success Workshops

In a continually evolving world, students at the Singapore campus of James Cook University have an opportunity to develop further by attending workshops which support interested participants in enhancing their knowledge and skills. There are various topics covering verticals such as Personal Development, Professional Development, Information Technology related skills, Business skills and more.

These workshops are conducted online allowing our students to adapt to the new normal in their learning journey. This virtual learning experience opens up opportunities for students to develop new knowledge and skills beyond their course of study. Students can choose all workshops that are of interest to them.

There will be students who are keen to take up multiple workshops and James Cook University would like to encourage these aspiring students. Participants who complete more than 10 hours of workshops will be awarded a Certification of Achievement from the Deputy Vice Chancellor.  These workshops enhance the ability of individuals in adopting effective time management skills. These approaches and efforts are designed to benefit students profoundly towards personal progression.

Join us on this journey to enhance your personal and professional skills while achieving your academic goals. These workshops are delivered free of charge for all students currently studying at the Singapore campus of James Cook University.

InstructorWorkshopDurationDate Time GMT+8 (Singapore)
Dr. Jonathan Edward RamsayMotivating Yourself and Others 2 x 1 hour sessions 22-Sep-20
4pm to 5pm
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur SabharwalManaging Stress and Burnout 2 x 2 hour sessions 25-Sep-20
3pm to 5pm
Dr. Smita SinghInterview Research & Preparation 2 x 1 hour sessions 16-Oct-20 11.30am to 12.30pm
11-Nov-20 11.00am to 12.00pm
Dr. Divjyot KaurRelationships @ Work and Play 2 x 1 hour sessions 23-Oct-20
10am to 11am
Associate Professor Adrian KuahCreating Great First Impressions 2 x 1 hour sessions 26-Oct-20
4pm to 5pm
Associate Professor Roberto Dillon
To participate in Introduction to Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking workshop, students must set-up and configure their computers beforehand. This requires installing VirtualBox (https://www.virtualbox.org) with images of Kali Linux (https://www.kali.org/downloads/) and Metasploitable 2 (https://sourceforge.net/projects/metasploitable/ ).
The two virtual machines must be in a NAT network and able to ping each other.
Introduction to Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking* 2 x 2 hour sessions 27-Oct-20
10am to 12noon
Dr. Emiel EijdenbergEntrepreneurship 1 x 2 hour session 16-Nov-20 10am to 12noon
Dr. Adrian BradshawManaging Teams 1 x 2 hour session 23-Nov-20 4pm to 6pm
Dr. Smita SinghLeadership & Emotional Intelligence 1 x 2 hour session 27-Nov-20 11am to 1pm
Associate Professor Jacob WoodUS-China Trade War 1 x 2 hour session 02-Dec-20 11am to 1pm
Ms Joan Alaine C. Belen Building Confidence in Yourself 1 x 1 hour session 09-Dec-20 3pm to 4pm
Mr Kelvin Ng Career Guidance 1 x 2 hour session 14-Dec-20 4pm to 6pm
Alex Leow Financial Planning For Young Graduates 1 x 2 hour session 16-Dec-20 3pm to 5pm


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