James Cook University (JCU) Australia is ranked Top 2% in the world in the 2024 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings and 2023 ShanghaiRanking Academic Ranking of World Universities as a percentage of higher education providers in the International Association of Universities (IAU) database. In the 2024 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, we are ranked Top 25 in Australia. In the 2024 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings we are ranked #25 in Australia.

We are currently Top 200 in the world for the UN Sustainable Development Goal #1:no poverty and #52 in the world for the UN Sustainable Development Goal #3: good health and wellbeing in the 2023 THE Impact Rankings. We are #103 in the world, #18 in Australia and achieved #4 in Australia for Environmental Education in the 2024 QS Sustainability Rankings.

2023 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Subject Rankings mark JCU as being in the top 100 in the world and #7 in Australia in Earth & Marine Sciences. We are also Top 100 in the world and #4 in Australia for Hospitality and Leisure Management. QS also ranks JCU in the top 150 of the world’s universities in Environmental Sciences, Geology, Archaeology, and Agriculture & Forestry.

We continue to maintain 5 stars for full-time employment, graduate starting salary, student-teacher ratio and social equity in the Good Universities Guide 2024.

JCU Rankings

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings was established in 2019 to provide a measure of the University’s Impact on the wider community.  It assesses Impact by measuring progress towards the SDGs. This includes a comprehensive and balanced comparison across four broad areas: research, stewardship, outreach and teaching.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all“ and set to be achieved by 2030. Sustainability is at the heart of James Cook University (JCU), taking its place among the University’s core values. Read more about it here.

The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings are global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).James Cook University most recently participated in the fourth edition.



















Relevant Case Studies

  • 6mar-kayaknclean.jpg

    Kayak ‘n’ Klean

    6 March & 26 September 2021 | James Cook University, Singapore participated in Kayak ‘N’ Klean to support coastal clean-up. Our students and staff kayaked along the Marina Bay area to pick rubbish from the river.

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  • 26mar-ecojar.jpg


    26 March 2021 | The Aquaculture Club conducted an ecosphere course where they learned to create open-type aquaria for little fishes while promoting the fun of learning about aquaculture. An ecosphere in this context was defined as an open type system with substrate, plants and animals.

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  • 1apr.jpg

    Safer and Green Singapore Campus

    1 April 2021 | EHS Committee continues to shape new Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security initiatives to make James Cook University, Singapore a safer and greener campus.

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  • 20apr-tidalwalk.jpg

    Tidal Walk

    20 April and 21 November 2021 | Aquaculture Club members led participants to the tidal walk at Pasir Ris Park to gain wider exposure to the diversity of marine flora and fauna in Singapore. Participants gained a wider exposure on the marine flora and fauna diversity in Singapore adding to their extra curriculum experience in JCU.

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  • 29june-idott-neil.jpg

    International Day of the Tropics 2021

    29 June 2021 | The world’s oceans have a vast impact on life in the tropics. From influencing our climate to providing us with resources such as seafood. As awareness grows of how human impacts are driving change in our oceans, so too do attempts to mitigate these impacts. Read the news article here.

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  • 23july-covid.jpg

    The World Economy
    After COVID

    23 Jul 2021 | This webinar examines the extent of economic impact from the pandemic and the relative capacity of regions to rebound, based on vaccination protection, the resilience of international supply chains and the capacity for government intervention to drive economic recovery.

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  • 18aug-psychologybehindracism.jpg

    Pop Science Series: The psychology behind racism and prejudice

    18 Aug 2021 | Dr Peter Chew, Senior Lecturer, Psychology speaks in this webinar to give a peek through the looking glass with a view on the psychology behind racism and prejudice.

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  • 24aug-climatechange.jpg

    Pop Science Series: Climate Change and Its
    Impacts on Cities

    24 Aug 2021 | Dr. Simona Azzali, Senior Lecturer, Urban Design, addresses climate change and its impacts on cities.

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  • 25aug-dofishgetthirsty.jpg

    Pop Science Series:
    Do Fish Get

    25 Aug 2021 | Dr Susan Gibson-Kueh shed some light on whether fishes that swim in water get thirsty and other fun facts about fishes.

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  • 2sep-foodbank.jpg

    Foodbank Singapore Food Drive Event

    2 Sep 2021 | Student Council members and the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Committee hosted a Food Drive event for Foodbank Singapore. The Food Drive raised 97.6 kg of food, contributing to 325 meals for Foodbank beneficiaries.

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  • 1oct-branch.jpg

    Branch Shredder Machine

    1 Oct 2021 | James Cook University's Singapore campus adopts the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle 3Rs process in gardening works by having a composting process – A mixture of various decay organic substances such as dry leaves or shredded twig used for fertilizing soil. This helps to lower environmental impact in terms of waste management.

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  • 1oct-environmentallyfriendly.jpg

    Environmentally friendly practices

    1 Oct 2021 | The Eco Office is a certification programme that implement effective environmentally friendly practices by increasing eco-consciousness among staff, which in turn helps organisations manage waste by reducing the usage of paper, water and electricity.

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    Read about our policy here.

  • 17oct-pulauubin.jpg

    Pulau Ubin Clean up

    17 Oct 2021 | Participants met at Pulau Ubin Main Jetty and congregated in pairs with the organisers of the event from Cicada Tree Eco-place before moving to the clean-up site. Upon reaching the designated site, participants began the clean-up and conducted a survey to note down the type of items collected from the clean-up. The data was also used in ongoing research.

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  • 23nov-happyheart.jpg

    Happy Heart Project

    23 Nov 2021 | The Psychology Society invited students to the ‘Happy Heart Project’ to engage in self-care activities each day. Participants received a self-care goodie bag at the end of the event with hand lotion, teabags, cake, and more.

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  • 26nov-technology.jpg

    Technology, Ethics, and the Green Recovery

    26 Nov 2021 | Ms Anna Moore, Sustainability Consultant, Eco-Business discusses in this webinar on how the plans to cut emissions after COVID-19 need to transform into a low-carbon, sustainable economy, along with the technological and policy shifts, as well as the considerations of infrastructure within industry and government necessary for this transformation.
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  • 1dec-lightbulb.jpg

    Light Bulb
    Recycling Bin

    1 Dec 2021 | James Cook University, Singapore ran an initiative to consolidate all used or faulty light bulbs to send to a waste collector’s where light bulbs component is being recycled.

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  • 1dec-boystown.jpg

    Boys Town SG in collaboration with JCU Psychology Society to offer an online workshop

    1 Dec 2021 | Trauma-Informed Care was an online workshop held by Boys Town SG in collaboration with JCU Psychology Society. The workshop covered various aspects of trauma and trauma care, addressing issues such as its prevalence in Singapore and COVID-19’s impact on trauma.

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  • 2dec-greenawards.jpg

    Yellow Flame Award at the 2021 School Green Awards

    2 Dec 2021 | James Cook University, Singapore took home the Yellow Flame Award at the 2021 School Green Awards! This is the second time we have received the Yellow Flame Award, reflecting our blooming environmental efforts across various activities and initiatives, as well as on campus facilities.

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  • 14dec-bettafish.jpg

    A Betta Fish Workshop

    14 Dec 2021 | The Aquaculture Club conducted a workshop on how to create and maintain an ecosphere with an open system which includes substrate, aquatic plants and a betta fish. Event participants were taught on how to care for aquatic plants and betta fish and how to design their very own Eco-jar with the guidance of the conductor and JAC committee members through an online platform.

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  • 17dec-onlineaquaculture.jpg

    Online Aquaculture Club workshops

    17 Dec 2021 | The Aquaculture Club organised three online workshops — Eco-Jar Workshop, Terrarium Ecojar Workshop and Terrestrial Isopod Workshop — allowing students to participate in hands-on activities as they learnt more about aquaculture.

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  • 17jan22-eatrich.jpg

    Pop Science Series: "Eat the rich"

    17 Jan 2022 | “Eat the rich” has been increasing used as a rallying cry in response to the struggles of the working class as the social divide between the rich and working class grows wider. It is an abbreviation of a quote often attributed to the political philosopher and leading figure in the French Revolution, Jean Jacques Rousseau.

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  • Kayak N Klean 2022

    Kayak N Klean 2022

    31 March 2022 | As part of Passion WaVe’s eco initiative, JCU organised Kayak N Klean, an educational programme of keeping our waterways clean and sustainable. The Kayak N Klean programme will pair up participants in a doubles kayak and see them work together towards a common goal of conserving the environment to make it a better place for all. This is done by picking up litter whilst kayaking along the scenic skyline of Marina Reservoir.

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  • environment-campaigns.jpg

    Our Top Sustainability Efforts

    28 April 2022 | From 2020 to 2021, James Cook University, Singapore has achieved sustainability goals in its Singapore campus. These small and simple actions are of immediate contributions in protecting our environment through the continuous effort to reduce, reuse and recycle (3Rs). We developed an infographic to highlight the key features of our environmental sustainability journey.

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  • greendna.png

    GreenDNA Certification

    24 May 2022 |James Cook University, Singapore have attained the GreenDNA Certification awarded by the Singapore Environment Council. The GreenDNA certification demonstrates that we have led by example in seeing sustainability as a journey rather than a one-time event. We continue to engage in environmental talks and training, complying with ECO office standards and monitoring carbon emissions reduction.

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  • 7june-old_shoes.png

    When an Old Shoe Is Given a New Lease of Life

    7 June 2022 | James Cook University, Singapore ran a collection drive and filled its first bin of old shoes totalling 24 kg. The Old Shoe New Future programme on campus was an effort to give used shoes a second life. Shoes can be recycled into sports infrastructures such as jogging tracks, fitness corners and playgrounds every small step of effort makes a large recycling count.

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  • 9june-fbcert.jpg

    Professional award in the Eco-F&B certification

    9 June 2022 | James Cook University, Singapore has achieved the Professional award in the Eco F&B certification with effect from 9 Jun 2022 to 8 Jun 2024 as it aims to do its part in environmental sustainability.

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  • beach-clean-up.jpg

    MOU signing with Ocean Purpose Project

    11 June 2022 | James Cook University (JCU) in Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 11 June 2022 with Ocean Purpose Project (OPP), a Singaporean social enterprise committed to driving ocean conservation and plastic pollution prevention via disruptive and creative projects. Read the news article here.

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  • 22aug-recyclingweek

    Step It Up This Recycling

    22 August 2022 | James Cook University Singapore Campus is having a “Step It Up Recycling Week” running from 22nd Aug to 25th Aug. This programme aims to raise awareness of the University's Recycling Initiatives through gathering as many recyclable items (Food, Textiles, Shoes and E-Waste) as possible.

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  • 22sep22-foodinnovations.jpg

    Food Innovations and Health Aspects

    22 September 2022 | Food innovations are urgently needed to foster healthy diets for the growing and ageing world population. In Singapore, urban aquaculture seafood, plant-based and cultivated meats (e.g., cell-based fish) will play a critical role in sustainably tripling domestic food production by 2030 as highlighted in the Singapore Food Story.

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SDG Related Policies

Below are some of our policies which aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

For more information on our JCU Smoke-free Campus Policy, please click: https://www.jcu.edu.au/policy/work-health-and-safety/smokefree-campus-policy

For more information on our Work, Health and Safety Policy, please click: https://www.jcu.edu.au/policy/work-health-and-safety/health-safety-and-environment-policy

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

For more information on our environmental policy, please click: https://www.jcu.edu.au/policy/estate-and-facility-management/environmental-policy

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

For more information on our Biosafety Procedure, please click: https://www.jcu.edu.au/policy/procedures/hse-procedures/whs-pro-009-biosafety-procedure

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

For more information on our tree protection policy, please click: https://www.jcu.edu.au/policy/estate-and-facility-management/tree-protection

Events and Reports

Discover the latest happenings at James Cook University, Singapore:

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