James Cook University’s reputation for excellence in research is worldwide. This reputation continues to build at JCU Singapore as we attract high-quality academic staff to conduct innovative research projects. Their Mission is to pursue first rate research of international excellence and widely publish the results of their research.

We commit ourselves to research of excellence and high impact, particularly on issues of critical importance to the world’s tropics and high volume tourism areas, such as Asia.

Our Academic staff thematic research areas are; social psychology, Singapore and family, education, marine science, tourism, artificial intelligence, suicidology and self harm and, therapy. Within these clusters our highly qualified academics are delving into research interests as diverse as reef fish evolutionary ecology, vandalism in tourism, learning theories, psychology of Singaporeans, machine learning, data mining, ageing and interpersonal attraction.

The measures of research activity include external research income support, supervision of research students and publication of original research findings in quality peer-reviewed journals.

Faculty research projects for students provide unique learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of clinical and social psychology, business and marketing, tourism, information technology and education.

Research is of little value until it is shared with others to benefit all. The Singapore campus has a Public Lecture Series, an opportunity for researchers and academia to share their knowledge and research outcomes with other research groups and the general public.

Research Strategy

JCU Singapore is building on the strong research undertaken by the Australian campuses of this University.


  • Ensured that staff appointed to our campus have strong research track records or research potential
  • Incorporated research output as a Key Performance Indicator for academic staff

  • Pursuing high-quality, curiosity-driven and strategically significant research to achieve international excellence in all areas
  • Widely publishing and disseminating the results of research
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research and cultivating the development of new disciplines
  • Collaborating with public, industrial and commercial partners on technology transfers and the application of research, both in Singapore and the region
  • Maximising international opportunities through school and university-led collaborations
  • Pursue world-class appointments to the remaining research positions
  • Implement the first phase of a new Graduate Research program
  • Establish strategy groups to take lead responsibility for these thematic areas

Research Office

JCU Singapore Research Office manages the administrative processes related to JCU Singapore's academic and student - internally and externally sponsored - research. The Office is also responsible for research compliance, overseeing research grant management and ensuring cohesion between JCU Singapore and James Cook University's Research Administration.

Within the Research Office , The Associate Dean, Research (ADR) is the senior officer responsible at JCU Singapore for advancing research. The ADR oversees the solicitation of research funding, implements research policies and helps shape the research priorities. The ADR also supervises certain research units and is Chairperson of the JCU Singapore Research Committee.

The Research Manager manages the day-to-day activities of the Research Office including: project management, budget management, working with and advising chief investigators, organizing student and staff capacity building activities, offering briefings to researchers, liaising with Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources, and maintaining the Registry of Supervisors. The Research Manager maintains data on internally and externally funded projects, prepares reports, and disseminates information regarding research activities.

The Research Coordinator operates the SONA Experiment Management System for research participation. The Research Coordinator offers briefings to students and academic staff, coordinates with academic staff, ensures efficient operation of day-to-day SONA research activities, disseminates information, summarizes data, and liaises with academic staff.

For more information on JCU Singapore Research Office, please contact:
Hafsah Begum

Research Contact

Ms Hafsah Begum