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Celebrating research

Celebrating research

We take our research seriously, and yet we also love to celebrate the exceptional moments throughout the year when we’re able to appreciate and applaud our researchers in our showcase events. These include the annual three-minute thesis competition, and our series of Professorial Lectures

Annual JCU Singapore 3MT Event

At JCU, we think it is really important to encourage and showcase the research efforts of our higher degree research (HDR) candidates. 3MT develops academic, presentation and research communication skills, while developing research students’ (and academic researchers) ability to explain their research effectively in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. Visualisations of research opens myriad ways to capture and convey key messages and findings and substantially increase the reach and potential impact of the research through social and mainstream media, YouTube and other platforms.

2023 3MT

2022 3MT

2021 3MT

2020 3MT

2019 3MT 

3MT: Three Minute Thesis Competition

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Professorial Lecture Series

2022 Emerging Leaders Webinar Series

#1 Choosing to Challenge (8 March)

#2 Staying Cyber-safe as Cities Get Smarter (7 April)

#3 Tourism Futures (14 July)

#4 Conversations about Death (11 August)

#5 Novel (sea)food Allergies (22 September)

#6 Applications of Circular Economy in Recovery, Remanufacturing, Product Longevity and User Platforms (3 November)

2021 Professorial and Global Leaders Series on Healthy Ageing

#1 Life expectancy & other factors in the Western Pacific region

#2 Allergy & ageing – An emerging health issue

#3 Strategies to Extend Healthy Longevity

#4 Ageing, our best opportunity

#5 Ageing Intelligence™

#6 Longitudinal Perspectives on Successful Ageing

#7 Longevity: The Alternative Perspective and Impact of Ageing

As we celebrate our University's 50th Anniversary in 2020, our Professorial Lecture Series showcases research excellence across a number of disciplines. Our Professors collectively represent a body of expertise that translates research of directly practical importance to our place in the tropics.

2020 Professorial Lecture Series

#1 Managing Across Generations

#2 Corporate Governance & Africapitalism

#3 Life-changing Materials

#4 The R&D Pathway to Growing Aquaculture in the Tropics

#5 Traumatic Brain Injury

#6 New directions to tourism research with impact

#7 Resilience in the Face of Disaster

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JHDRC 2021

The Joint Higher Degree by Research Conference 2021 (JHDRC 2021) is the initiative of candidates and research deans at James Cook University Singapore (JCUS) and the University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM), building on the MOU signed between the universities in 2019.

The online conference was held as a live webinar event on 3 December 2021 and 15 higher degree research candidates from both universities presented their research topics. The diversity in topics was aimed to encourage multidisciplinary cooperation between developing researchers across the two universities.

Panel 1, Morning Session (Izzat Morshidi moderator):

Panel 1, Afternoon Session (Izzat Morshidi moderator):

Panel 2, Morning & Afternoon Sessions (Catherine Toh moderator):

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