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The Private Education Act 2009 and Private Education Regulations 2009 was enacted in December 2009. The Private Education Act also establishes the Council for Private Education (CPE) to formulate and oversee the implementation of initiatives to regulate and develop Singapore’s private education sector. This includes the Enhanced Registration Framework and the EduTrust certification scheme. In October 2016, the Council for Private Education was renamed as the Committee for Private Education.

EduTrust provides a framework for private education institutions to benchmark themselves against best practices and while the EduTrust certification scheme is voluntary, it is one of the prerequisites which private education institutions that enrol international students must meet to qualify for the issue of Student Passes, as stipulated by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

In 2015, we won the highest mark of quality awarded to a private education institution in Singapore, the EduTrust Star. Thus, achieving one of our milestones in our continuous journey towards Excellence.

Fee Protection Scheme

Further, the CPE requires all students to be covered under a Fee Protection Scheme and not just international students. Local students now can no longer opt out of the Fee Protection Scheme. JCU Singapore adopts the new Fee Protection Insurance Scheme and uses Lonpac Insurance as the provider of all policies taken out as part of the fee protection scheme. Please click here for details.

In addition, the new insurance scheme will protect all unconsumed fees including non-tuition fees. As such, current students, whether studying on a full time or part time basis will be informed of the amount of insurance they would need to purchase to protect their tuition fees by JCU Singapore where necessary. As of 1st February 2014, the premium is 0.60% of the sum of all fees per year (subject to a minimum fee of $10.00*). Students may also like to know that the insurance will protect the students against the following events:

  1. Loss of fees paid in advance by the insured student due to insolvency or regulatory closure of the school.
  2. Private Educator's failure to pay sum awarded by Singapore courts to the insured student.
  3. Payment of S$10,000 for any one event and in the aggregate for the insured student’s accidental death or total permanent disability by accident caused solely and directly by accidental, visible and violent means (excluding any sickness, disease or medical disorder).

Students can check the status of their FPS insurance directly on the CPE website. To check your FPS status, visit this page.

*price before GST

Medical insurance

EduTrust also requires that the students must be covered under a medical insurance coverage for the students’ hospitalisation, surgery and treatment costs throughout their course duration.

Students should be aware of the coverage and benefits of being covered under the Student Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Scheme. Students should also view the details on the product summary and the terms and condition. Please click here to download the claim form for this insurance.

International students holding passes other than the Student’s Pass, and students who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents, who are already covered by their own medical insurance plans, can opt out of the medical insurance scheme.

However, they have to provide JCU Singapore a copy of their medical insurance policy/certificate which meets the following EduTrust stipulated requirements:

  • annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 medical costs coverage per student;
  • as charged in B1 wards (4-Bedder) in Singapore Government/Singapore Government Restructured Hospitals; and
  • 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities).

For more details please visit the CPE website: http://www.cpe.gov.sg or contact the CPE Student Services at 6592 2108