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Message from the DVC

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On behalf of the Singapore campus of James Cook University family, a hearty welcome to all of you to this wonderful institution. Rest assured you have chosen to study at one of Asia’s leading institutions and in one of the world’s dynamic cities. You will be delighted to know that the Singapore campus of James Cook University is a highly regarded institute of higher learning and it is the only institution in Singapore to have been awarded the EduTrust Star by the Singapore Government.

Our parent institution, James Cook University located in the state of Queensland, Australia is a cutting edge university which is placed among the top 4 per cent of the world’s leading universities. As an Australian university that focuses on conducting teaching and research for the people of the tropics, the Singapore campus of James Cook University offers a gateway for the University to pursue its tropical agenda outside Australia.

At the Singapore campus of James Cook University, we believe that education is a collaborative process where both the academics and students are able to engage one another in a dynamic learning environment. Our new campus at Sims Drive is equipped with the latest in teaching technology ensuring classes are held in an interactive and sophisticated setting using Apple TV technology and other learning innovations.

We are committed to ensuring that you get the best out of your learning experience at James Cook University. You are not only encouraged to do well academically but as a student in this era of knowledge-based economy, we will expect you to participate in projects and activities involving the community around you. Singapore, being a successful economic and multicultural nation, will offer an array of opportunities for you to unlock that leadership traits, business acumen and research qualities that I believe exist in each and every one of you. We will help you to nurture your potential and guide you to become the next generation of leaders.

The Singapore campus of James Cook University is well on its way to becoming a premier Australian institution in Asia and we are confident that we will produce outstanding students who will make useful contributions to their respective society after they graduate.

I wish you every success in your academic pursuit.

Dr Dale Anderson
Deputy Vice Chancellor