Learning Centre

Learning Centre

Our Philosophy

Give people a bowl of rice and they will eat for a day; teach them how to grow rice and they will eat for a lifetime.

  • Are you a diploma, graduate certificate/graduate diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate or HDR student? Do you need feedback on your assignments to improve your writing or discuss ways to make your writing more effective? Send an email to learningcentre-singapore@jcu.edu.au to arrange a consultation or visit Learning Centre, ground floor of the library, to speak to a learning advisor. We provide feedback on three (3) different assignments per student for each study period.
  • Are you an ELPP or Foundation student? Do you want to discuss ways to improve your English? Email elpplearningcentre@jcu.edu.au to arrange a face-to-face or online consultation with a learning advisor or study together with English peer tutors.
  • Join our online workshops by logging in to LearnJCU > Organisations > Learning Centre JCU Singapore > BlackBoard Collaborate > Join Session

Looking for new ideas? Visit Learning Centre’s Springboard project here.

Students who seek assistance on software/hardware issues should contact IT helpdesk at ithelpdesk@jcu.edu.au For Eduroam, access to LearnJCU, and software issues in the classrooms, students should visit JCU Singapore’s ICT office, email them at itr-singapore@jcu.edu.au or visit this link to send a ticket to the ICT team https://portal.jcu.edu.sg/web/ict-singapore/welcome

It is always the students’ responsibility to work on and complete their assignments and projects.